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Mobi Files or Real Hand Held Book Please.
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I spend a heck of a lot of time on my computer, so to be honest reading a pdf on my computer, means even more time I have to spend using my computer. What I prefer the most is curling reading in a comfy chair, my bed or outdoors in my camping chair. This is why I prefer mobi files, please. and thank you! ( ;
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Truth Of Being a Book Reviewer:
I read a lot of books. & YES, sadly I read a lot of BAD, horrible, not funny, terribly written, what was that author thinking when he/she wrote it??!, got put them down and walk away books. That I just have to delete off my kindle ASAP or give them away now please before I waste another second of my life kind of books. Here on this blog I pick to ONLY talk about books I enjoy and love. I don't wanna talk about those books I dislike or hate. Is that wrong? I think not, it just allows those books to be found by other readers who might in fact love them more than I could ever care 2. ( ;
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I receive numerous requests each week for book reviews, All reviews will be posted on Goodreads and at If you would like my review posted somewhere else, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your request.
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Favorite Genres:
I love reading, I will look at your book, the synopsis & decide from there, I usually can know within a few sentence whether I will enjoy your book or not. That is the type of book reader I am. But I would not, could not say what's my most favorite genre. It is not that easy for me. I am not the sort of reader you can lump into one box. I love listening to Audible books. I love a good mystery with bits of love and silliness stuffed in there too. I love history, traveling, kayaking, photography and camping.
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How I Rate Books:
I see a lot of folks who tend to be very harsh on books & those authors that wrote those books, what works for me ... I will read a book, that usually starts as being the TOP book I will read from that author, then I will try another book by that very same author, then that book will be better or less appealing to me.

I have yet to read a 3 or less starred book so far.

I am just NOT that mean or hateful. Who am I to rate a book so low? If you held my interest, if it was funny, fun, made me laugh, made me cry, or at least brought me to tears, snort/fart/giggle (yes, that happens all the time, you go to laugh so loud that the air has to escape some how, I can not be the only one to have this happen? right???!!) a mystery, love story, sexy, hot & oh so steamy.

If you look at my book ratings (on Amazon or Goodreads) I do have a lot of 5 star reads ... I truly do not believe you can rate book similar 'cause they are NOT written by the same author, they are not the same book, written the same way, with the same language. etc. etc. They are like a fine wine. A good cup of coffee. "Too each his/her own", right??!

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