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E. Lizard Breath Speaks

"E. Lizard Breath Speaks" who is that, well it's me, myself & I ...I'm Elizabeth, "E" for short. Friends and family call me "Beth". My home has always been in Virginia, born and raised. 

I started my main blog on October 12, 2011 called it "E." Lizard Breath Speaks". 

On October 14, 2014, I started "Hike 2 Forty and beyond", I chat books. 

I changed my travel (main) blog to "E. Lizard Breath Travels". You want readers who stop by to get your point, what are you going to chat on, share about, and all that jazz. I did have an author tell me that, she knows who she is, & THANKS for the advice!! 

When I got to the rip ole' age forty, I knew I had to come up with another name for my book blog so then it became: "E. Lizard Breath Reads". 

My hubby found a hull so we had to start "Mr. E Boat", where we chat 'bout the history of the boat, how it all began, how it is progressing even now?

In March 2020, I got the bright idea to shorten the blog names: "E. Travels" and "E. Reads".

"E. Reads":
My love for reading has been a passion since a very young age. I can recall my Mom reading to me. One favorite: "Where The Wild Things Are" by: Maurice Sendak. I love READING!!! This blog is a place for me to explore that.

My Blogs:
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Truth Of Being A Book Reviewer
I read a lot of books. I read a lot of BAD books! 
Here, on this blog I pick to talk about books I enjoyed and loved.
(side note: I do help a lot PR companies, I pick & choice books (book events, charities) I feel are ones I wish to share about.)

Rating Books
I'll read a book, some how those books tend to be the TOP book from the author. 
Sometimes the 2nd or 3rd is more to my liking? Sometimes a series from author can be super great. Then, I will try another book from that author, which some times ends up being the WRONG MOVE ...not a good comparison, at all, no where even close to what I just read, before??! Are they even written by the same author???!!! HOW can you write a fabulous great series, BUT THEN the other books are just wah, wah, wah, can you hear the voice from the Peanuts teachers talking??! I believe you can not rate books similar. They are NOT written by the same author, not the same book, not the same subject matter, same genre, or written in the same format, with the same language or ending (HEA, cliffhanger).

Questions: direct them to my email please:

I don't like prologue!
I skip them. (if you think u can help me understand why you need prologues, email me)
Would you please take a chapter and ease your readers into whatever point, idea or thoughts you wish for them to understand?
I LOVE epilogues! 
They make me cry, make me feel closer to the author, their peeps, all those folks they respect and love. Recipes. Books suggestions. I love it all ...why oh why can't prologues get me like epilogues?? WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????
Can you please wait to cuss past the first sentence. 
Please NOT on the first page. first paragraph. first chapter.
I believe in you,
Are you trying to fit in with the "in crowd"? 
Look cool to those other "wanna be authors"??
There may be a few moments in your life where you might need to say one, yell one, and that will only happen once in a blue moon!!! COME ON NOW. Didn't your Mother teach you better than that???!!???!!?

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