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Love Online by: Penelope Ward

A Standalone Contemporary Romance Novel  By: Penelope Ward 
RELEASE DATE: Monday, August 27, 2018 

Photo/Cover Details:  Cover designer: Letitia Hasser, RBA designs Cover Model: Eddy Putter Cover Photography: Nicole Langholz

Synopsis:  We met in the least likely of places. It started out innocently enough. I was “ScreenGod” and she was “Montana,” but of course, those weren’t our actual names, just the virtual cloaks we hid behind. Logging in at night and talking to her was my escape—my sanctuary. Her real name was Eden, I’d soon come to find out. From the first time we connected online, I found myself transfixed. She was an addiction. At first, we knew nothing about each other’s real identities…and she was adamant that we keep things that way. Anonymity had no effect on our unstoppable chemistry, though. If anything, it allowed us to open up even more in ways we may not have otherwise. Eden was funny, intelligent, gorgeous—everything I’d ever wanted in a woman. But I couldn’t really …