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What Happened to Us by: Faith Hogan

hey there!! a bit informal of a post on the fly and sitting at a campsite as my foreground, nuts, I just shut down everything by accident, and had to restart all of my programs, here we go ... I have done wilder things!! Any who... I did grab all info from Amazon. thx, Amazon. Pics and all. All respect to Amazon, the mother load of books and all thing Beth does love. What a great website and no they do not pay me anything, everything I say about Amazon is my thoughts and opinions, thx! It is always where I buy my kindle books. Love you, Amazon!! I was super lucky and so blessed to have the chance to read Faith's book ...I met her online ...Twitter was so awesome like that ...saw she had a new book coming out and saw u could read it through "NetGalley". Check if out if you care to know more.
Blurb:  Sometimes the end is only the beginning... After ten years together, Carrie Nolan is devastated when she's dumped by her hot-shot chef boyfriend, Kevin Mulvey without even a…