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Sack Time by: A.M. Willard

Cover Design: MadHat Books Release Date: September 27, 2017
Synopsis Rules have never been more fun to break…
Sherry I’m going to die an old maid with ten cats… Oh wait, I already have two… I’m never going to feel the arms of a man around my waist again… Well, that’s what I thought until a pair caught me from face planting on the floor of my OB/GYN’s office. I didn’t even notice that my paper gown was open, showing off my double lattes to the man I was least expecting… Greyson Davis is the reason I need to set boundaries and rules—rules that I can’t break.
Greyson The first thing you’re taught in ethics class is not to fall for a patient. They don’t teach you how to not fall for one, just said that you shouldn’t. Everything changed the second I walked in to see my sixth patient of the day. That’s when I set eyes on the sexy blonde bombshell who would cause me to break every rule ever written.

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Beauty by: Mary Catherine Gebhard

Coming September 21st

Once upon a time, I thought love was a fairytale.

My prince was a Beast with blood on his hands and ice in his veins. My family offered to save me. The only price: leaving the tattered pieces of my heart behind.

Our love was irrational. Cruel. Unforgiving. Nothing like the storybooks said it should be—but it was perfect.

The longer we were apart, the more I lost myself. He was vicious and domineering, but I craved the submission. Together we were destructive, but I was addicted to the devastation. Still, I thought titles mattered. To my family I was princess, and to the Beast I was slave. I was too na├»ve to understand that even though he’d been my captor, he’d broken the shackles on my soul.

Once upon a time, I thought love meant happily ever after.

Now I know better.

Cover by : Pop Kitty Designs Model : Manual Yanes

Birthquake by: B.L. Berry

Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs Release Date: September 21, 2017
Synopsis WARNING: Highly prone to spontaneous fits of delirium, irrational logic and violent, unpredictable mood swings. This individual has been sober, swollen and hungry for the past nine months, so proceed with caution and handle with care. Anything said during the course of labor and delivery should not be taken seriously. Side effects may last up to eighteen years. Please consult your physician should castration occur. And never forget, this is all your fault. 

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Forever Devoted by: C.A. Harms

Releasing September 26th, we are very excited to announce that CA Harms' next book is... 
This Contemporary Romance is book 2 in the Crazed Devotion series! 

A stubborn man, an independent woman.  Oh how those two things clash.
Former Marine, Benjamin Keaton has a drive in him.  A strong willed nature to seek and conquer.

When he meets Elizabeth Berfield he finds out one thing and he finds out fast. He has met his match.
She doesn't let anyone tell her what to do, especially a man.
A battle of wills and a game of survival unfolds. Oh what a ride it is.
But Ben vows one thing, He will be Forever Devoted to Liz. He will make her see that he is the man for her.
But will his determination be enough to convince her that he’s worth the risk?
Or will Liz do what she always does and remain headstrong and push away the one man willing to protect her heart.
Cover Designer: Melissa Gill of MGBookcovers


Pitch Dark by: A.M. Wilson & Alex Grayson

Dark romance fans get readyyyy...something sinister lurks! Pitch Dark by A.M. Wilson & Alex Grayson releases September 15.

HERE'S THE SNEAK-PEEK FROM A.M. & ALEX: “D’you mind if I sit?” I ask gently. I want her to feel like she has control. If she asked me to leave, I would. I need her to trust me enough to open up. I already assumed it’d be hard, but two seconds in her room is enough to tell it’s going to be a mountain of a task.
The girl gives one short, sharp bob of her head, and I scan the room for a safe place to sit. A lone chair set by her window has a white plastic seat and metal legs. It looks uncomfortable as hell for a piece of furniture in a hospital room, but it’ll do. Forcing myself to go slow, I cross the room and drop my ass into it. I drop my elbows to my knees and lean forward, clasping my hands together.
“I’m Niko.” She doesn’t respond. By her stare and the steady rise and fall of her shoulders, I’d guess she’s co…

Pink Lock Picks & Sequined Witch Hats by: Carla Rehse

Pink Lock Picks and Sequined Witch Hats by Carla Rehse Genre: YA Release Date: July 24th 2017

Summary from Goodreads: Seventeen-year-old homecoming queen, Gracie Mason, is a budding burglar. While attempting her inaugural break-in, Gracie blacks out and wakes up far away from the scene. It turns out she accidentally intruded on a male witch’s “circle of power,” and now she’s bonded to him for life.  Gracie quickly learns that dissolving the bond with Asher, admittedly a very handsome and charming witch, is more complicated than she initially thought. To break the bond, Gracie must delve deeper into a society of witches that involves a secret club, a shadowy council, and all sorts of magical mischief. And right when it seems things can’t get any worse, witches start turning up dead.  It’s clear that Gracie is out of her depth as her quest to sever the bond magically turns into a murder investigation. But if Gracie and Asher don’t quickly uncover the killer, they might be next on the l…