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Cover Reveal: NUDES by: Sarah Robinson

NUDES: A Hollywood romance standalone from bestselling author Sarah Robinson! Release Date: May 22nd
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Blurb Ben Lawson is making a comeback... After a few tabloid headlines, they think they know me. They don't know a damn thing. As CEO of a movie production company, I'll show them who I really am when we hit it big at the box office. My ex thought her smear tactics would ruin me, but I'm unbreakable. Rising from the debris, I swore I'd never let a woman distract me like that again. But then, my leading actress walked on the set and changed everything.

Review Tour: Come Back To Me by: Tamsyn Bester

Synopsis My story is not my own, it's ours. Mine and Vaughan's. Except I can't remember it. Or him. I only know who I was before, and when remembering proved to be too much, I moved on and started over. And then the dreams started. Vivid, and bold, filled with a face I didn't know. But he was always there. In my head. In my heart. And when I decided to put pen to paper, I found him whispering, "Come back to me." Some stories are meant to be rewritten. Others are meant to be relived.

Book Blitz: Wicked Intentions by: J.T. Gessinger

ABOUT WICKED INTENTIONS Ex special-ops officer and security expert Ryan McLean is getting a much-needed vacation. In the Caribbean for his best friend Connor’s wedding, his plans include nothing more strenuous than working on his tan. Until he meets a beautiful woman in the hotel bar. Their connection is immediate and intense, and they spend a passionate night together with pleasure as their only goal.  Until Ryan wakes the following morning to discover the beautiful woman has vanished, along with millions worth of jewels from the safe of the Saudi prince staying in the suite next door. Realizing he was duped, Ryan becomes determined to find the mystery woman and bring her to justice. If only he could forget how explosive their chemistry was, how her kisses drove him wild like no other woman before.  A notorious thief known to authorities only as the Dragonfly, Mariana Lora has made redistribution of wealth her life’s work. She only has one more score to settle until she can retire, …

Cover Reveal: FRAUD by: J.L. Berg

From USA Today Bestselling author J.L. Berg comes a sexy standalone about love, lies and every dirty little thing in between. 
It wasn’t just a job.  It was my way back to the top.  After losing my position as a journalist for one of the biggest news publications in the world, I knew I’d do anything to get it back.  Even if it meant breaking a few hearts to get there.  She was the hottest author in the country.  Known only by a pen name, there wasn’t a person alive who wasn’t dying to discover her true identity.  And I’d figured it out.  Her real name was Kate O’Malley and not only did I plan on finding her, but I fully intended on learning every dirty secret she had and exploiting it for my own gain.  But I underestimated my prey.  I didn’t anticipate how her words would intoxicate me, or how the curves of her body would consume me.  I never meant to fall in love.  And now I had a choice to make.  Do I give up everything for the woman I set out to destroy, or walk away, …

Cover Reveal: Father by: Clarissa Wild

Title: Father Author: Clarissa Wild Genre: Romantic Suspense / Taboo Romance Release Day: April 25, 2017 Cover Designer:
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BLURB: Confess your sin. People call me Father, but I prefer Frank because I’m the worst preacher you’ll ever meet. Days spent completely wasted pull a number on you, especially when you’ve got a truckload of baggage that comes with it. Until this beautiful girl in the back of the church takes my breath away. …And we end up committing sacrilege in the confessional. Did I mention I’m filthy? Bad doesn’t even begin to describe me, and after one taste of what she’s got to offer, I want more. Too bad having a dirty mind isn’t the only thing we’ve got in common… Our past is laced with sin.
Author’s Note: This book is not for everyone. It’s raw. It’s vulgar. It’s downright offensive. But it’s oh so damn delicious with a capital D. If you are easily offended or prudi…

Teaser Blitz: Rough Around The Soul by: Maria Monroe

Rough Around the Soul by Maria Monroe releases so soon!
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Release Date: April 18th
Cover Designer: Okay Creations

Blurb: Gritty. Sexy. Taboo. Melanie Cannon is troubled, desperate, and only eighteen. Taking the fall for a friend, she’s forced into a drug education class, which she expects to be boring as hell. Until Detective Jake Beck walks in as her instructor. Jake knows it’s a mistake to get involved with a high school senior.

Cover Reveal: Belong by: NB Baker

Title: Belong Author: NB Baker Genre: Contemporary Romance Release: June 26, 2017 Cover Designer: Wicked by Design- Robin Harper
Blurb: When everything is stacked against you, sometimes surviving only happens when you find that one person in the world and the one place you truly… Belong.
Sarah: This world can beat you down. Make you feel worthless. Swallow you up in its darkness. In the blink of an eye the people I loved more than anything, were taken from me. Leaving me alone with no one but my abusive father. If you get told you’re worthless often enough, you start to believe it. You drink it in until it poisons your soul. That was my life…until Justin.
Justin: The minute I saw Sarah, I knew she was special. I wanted to claim her then, but she wasn’t ready. Seeing her again, I know I’m done waiting. I want her. I’m not stopping until I make her see how special she is. I want her to look in the mirror and see the woman I…