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Cover Reveal: Playin' Dirty by: Paige Steele

Title: Playin' Dirty Series: Beautifully Dirty Series #6 Author: Paige Steele Cover Designer: Pink Ink Designs Genre: Sports Romance Release Date: March 30
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Synopsis Jesse Anderson didn’t grow up wanting to race, but after getting his first dirt bike, he knew the track was where he belonged. He may be the youngest amongst his friends, but he’s mature beyond his years from what he’s been through already. He finds himself having the family he never thought he’d have, guys that are both his teammates and best friends, and Maddie, his best ‘girl’ friend. Their friendship means everything to him, SHE means everything to him. Nothing makes him happier than seeing her smile, but unfortunately he’s holding a secret he knows will only break her heart, and it’s a risk he’s not sure he’s willing to take.

Release Day: Garden of Goodbyes by: Faith Andrews

Cover Design: Marisa-rose Shor / Cover Me Darling Release Date: March 13, 2017
Loss, betrayal, addiction . . . on their own, each of these heartaches can break you, but mix them all together and the concoction will ruin you. When I closed the door on my past I didn’t expect it to come back and haunt me. But when you’re the sole person who can save the only man you’ve ever loved, you rush through that door, face your fears, and pray for the best. Only, anything good has been long forgotten. In its place is destruction, devastation and enough regret to last a lifetime. I was appalled when she called for my help. I went willingly in hopes to make things right. But I never expected this. A broken man, a hopeless future, the beginning of the end. She’s to blame for the mess of a man in front of me and I’m to blame for walking away. Can things ever go back to the normal the three of us once knew? Or am I too late to fix the damage we’ve caused together?

Review Tour: Charlie's Whiskey by: Harlow Brown

Cover Design: Judi Perkins / Concierge Literary Designs & Photography
Synopsis Charlie Winstead pushes aside the pain and anguish she suffers daily and puts all her energy into her women's softball team, the Regulators. If only temporarily, the abuse bestowed upon her by her boyfriend halts for the time that she is behind the plate. Hensley has been her boyfriend for three years and the relationship progressed into a domestic nightmare. Realizing this, Charlie does what she needs to do to protect herself. Whiskey Williams is a patched member of the Chosen Legion motorcycle club. He finds himself running from a dark and dirty past, looking for a new start. He relies on his brothers from the mother charter to help him. Once he arrives in Rudy, he sees Charlie and knows something has to be done to help her. However, seeing as she is fresh out of her abusive relationship, she wants nothing to do with men.

Release Day: Legally Charming by: Lauren Smith

Cover Design: Frauke Spanuth / Croco Designs Release Date: March 13, 2017
Synopsis THE RIGHT DRESS CAN CATCH THE EYE OF PRINCE CHARMING… Felicity Hart has one goal: Completing her masters in art. Falling in love isn’t part of the plan. She reluctantly agrees to attend a Halloween party with her best friend. After sneaking away from the party and falling asleep in an unoccupied room, she wakes to the sexiest pair of eyes she’s ever seen. Eyes that belong to the one man who could turn her well organized world upside down. When he flashes that wicked, panty-melting smile at her the vow to not fall in love seems impossible…
EVERY PRINCE IS LOOKING FOR HIS SLEEPING BEAUTY TO KISS… Jared Redmond used to be the ultimate bad boy. But now his legal career is taking off and the partners of his firm are trusting him with high-dollar real estate transactions. Jared’s king-size bed is empty. But when he arrives home on Halloween to find a princess sleeping in his bed – his all work and no play at…

Release Blitz: Reclaiming His Life by: KL Myers

Title: Reclaiming His Life Series: Second Chance Series #2 Author: KL Myers Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: March 13

Synopsis T.R.O.U.B.L.E. The seven letters that sum up my existence. I thought I was indestructible, a Badass of the highest level, but reality knocked me down a peg, more like a thousand pegs.  Now, here I am years later trying to put my life together again.  I've been given a fresh start and what I do with it is all on me.
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Release Promo: Even Cowboys Get The Blues by: Amie Stuart

*** Tim Caldwell doesn’t do relationships…Not after his wife walked out on him and their daughter ten years before. He’s got a well earned reputation as a Casanova Cowboy who’s never met a woman he couldn’t talk into bed…until Toni duBois. Disinterest isn’t something he’s is used to. Neither is playing by someone else’s rules.
Toni duBois doesn’t do forever…After fifteen years away, Toni’s headed home to Louisiana in search of the answer she needs and the redemption she craves. She doesn’t plan on hanging around in Bluebonnet, Texas, any longer that she has to and she isn’t interested in a steamy, sexy entanglement. Regardless of how good looking said entanglement might be.

Release Blitz: Rock Her Hard by: Alyson Hale

Title: Rock Her Hard: An Alpha Male Rockstar Romance Series: Rock Her Series (#1) Author: Alyson Hale Release Date: March 15th, 2017 Genre: Rockstar/Contemporary Romance

I'm a lone wolf, a lost cause. Pushing people away has become an art form for me. I was doing well at shutting down my heart until I met her. Now I'll risk everything I've built just to have her by my side. I didn't come to Georgia looking for love... When my band manager asked us to travel to the US on a personal errand, I never imagined I'd get caught up in a scheme to reunite a father with his estranged daughter. Our deal was I'd seduce her into coming on the road with us, and then he'd have a chance at winning her over and getting his family back. The only problem is it's become so much more than that...

Book Blitz: Anarchy Missing by: JA Huss

Anarchy Missing (Alpha Case) SuperAlpha Series Book #2 SuperVillain Romance By JA Huss Published: March 14, 2017 Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

Synopsis: #SupervillainsFallInLove Everyone wants justice. That’s what Assistant DA, Lulu Lightly, tells me. “Cathedral City needs you to set things right,” she says. “To rid this place of corruption, once and for all.” I’d like to rid Lulu Lightly of her clothes. And maybe her moral superiority. But mostly her clothes. “I want you to fight the good fight with me,” she says. Hell, yeah. I’m always up for a fight.