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Release Day: The Bartender by: Piper Rayne

Cover Design: Djordje Grbic Release Date: February 1, 2017
Synopsis Who knew sleeping with the enemy could be this fun? Was the one night stand a good idea? Well, no. Probably not in retrospect. In my defense I had just moved back into my grandparent’s house, I’d lost my dream job, and a guy on Tinder had stood me up. It was like life had suddenly stamped ‘LOSER’ on my forehead. So when the guy behind the bar started giving me THE look…you know, the one that promised I’d be screaming his name into the wee hours of the morning? When that guy also has the perfect amount of scruff on his chiseled chin, biceps bulging out of his t-shirt, and a cocky grin you knew he’d earned in the sack…when he gives you that look, you don’t bother to figure out what your six degrees of separation are. You jump on that horse and ride it! Pun fully and completely intended. And accurate by the way. I fully admit to feeling sorry for myself and acting impulsively, but by the time I’d figured out WHO the bar…

Release Blitz: Hot Mess by: Emily Goodwin

Title: Hot Mess Author: Emily Goodwin Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: February 1
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Synopsis My life is a hot mess. Single, working, and raising two daughters, it’s a miracle I get us up, dressed, and fed every morning. Forget about dating—nobody’s got time for that. Even if love hadn’t left me jaded, I’m not settling for anything less than perfect this time around.

Release Day: Fallen Woman by: Stephie Walls

Cover Design: Wicked by Design Release Date: February 1, 2017
Synopsis Gianna LeBron grew up in poverty. Destined to change her circumstances and her zip code, she rises up from the inner-city streets with an Ivy League education and affluent husband. A few short years later, she’s alone with three children, destitute and desperate. Finding herself in the same hell she’d fought so hard to escape, and determined to find a solution, she compromises who she is. Selling her soul for the almighty dollar, she does what she has to do in order to provide for her children. Caught between a secret love and her toddler’s unending need for medical care, Gianna’s forced to decide how far she’ll go to heal her daughter and save the man she loves.
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About the Author Stephie Walls is a literary whore - she loves w…

Release Blitz: Swole: Chest Day by: Golden Czermak

Title: Swole: Chest Day Author: Golden Czermak Genre: Erotic Romance Release Date: February 1
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Synopsis WARNING: This is an erotic short story written for mature readers. It is pure escapism, containing adult themes, coarse language, erotic sexual situations, male-male sex, and nudity Trent Cassidy is one hot as hell guy. He's known to train for pain and pleasure in the gym he owns.

Release Blitz: Lovesick by: T.L. Smith

Title: Lovesick Author: TL Smith Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: February 1
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Synopsis I couldn’t do broken.

Release Blitz: Lost In Scotland by: Hilaria Alexander

Title: Lost in Scotland Author: Hilaria Alexander Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: February 1, 2017 Just when you think you're lost, you might end up falling in love.  Sam Farouk is having a bad year. Things went down the drain ever since she found her boyfriend cheating on her at the Golden Globes. An unfortunate turn of events forces her to trade sunny Los Angeles with the rainy, chilly highlands of Scotland. She has the chance to work as one of the makeup artists on a new TV series based on a fantasy saga everyone is bananas about, but she can’t help feeling lost and a little bit homesick. Until she starts falling for Hugh MacLeod, the actor set to impersonate the titular role of Abarath, dragon slayer and part-time Casanova.

Cover Reveal: Sunday Love by: KJ Lewis

Title: Sunday Love
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: KJ Lewis
Release Date: March 1, 2017
Cover Artist:Regina Wamba

Smart and sexy Elise Donovan has made a career of fixing things. With a reputation for being the best in the business, her team is often pulled into front page headlines that need to be handled.  After being away for six weeks attempting to repair a company just coming through a hostile takeover, time with her team at a luxury retreat is all she wants right now.

Release Day Blitz: Little Black Dress - Anthology

Little Black Dress – Anthology By Sarah O’Rourke, Brynne Asher, Sarah Curtis, and Layla Frost All net proceeds given to charity!
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Synopsis There’s something about the little black dress. The go-to wisp of material that’s perfect for any occasion. The quintessential LBD hugs, stretches, and moves with the female form. Every woman needs one at some point, and sometimes that means borrowing from a friend.
Starting with Abby, this lucky LBD makes its way into the stories of Lucy, Katie, and Winnie right when they need it most. Four women, four stories, and four happily ever afters… And it all started with one little black dress.
Warning: Keep your hands off our Little Black Dress if you're not 18. 
About the Charity:  All net proceeds will be donated to Gilda’s Club, Rochester. With over 1,200 FREE programs offered to men, women, teens, and children, they offer much-needed s…

Cover Reveal: MAYDAY by: C.L. Bond

Title: MAYDAY! Author: Casey Bond writing as C.L. Bond  Genre: RomCom, Contemporary Romance Cover Designer & Photographer: Pink Ink Designs/ Cassy Roop Models: Becca Bryant and Daniel Wells Editor: Stacy Sanford, The Girl with the Red Pen Expected Release Date: Feb. 22nd, 2017 Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

Blurb:  MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY…This is the sailing vessel Lucky Day. Vessel taking on water. Current position: Latitude: N 14° 53' 37.7844", Longitude: W 61° 41' 57.1875". Speedboat taking on water, in need of immediate assistance. Two souls on board. No injuries. Vessel is 24 feet long, white with green striping.  MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY…This is the sailing vessel Lucky Day.

Release Day Blitz: Hearts When Broken Box Set by: Jennifer Snyder

Title: Hearts When Broken Author: Jennifer Snyder  Genre: YA Contemporary Romance Cover Designer: Emily Wittig Designs & Photography Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

SHATTERED SOUL Hellish Nightmare. If Seth Bradson were to describe his life, those would be the two words he would choose. Preferring to cope with his crappy existence and horrible home life by spending his days in a drug-induced haze, Seth coasts through life. Until the moment his path crosses with Ali Carson. In her, Seth finds something he’s been subconsciously seeking—a new drug, one that consumes his mind unlike any other. Love. But when Seth finds himself in a situation he could have never foreseen, and foolishly allows Ali to try his most addictive temptation—crystal meth—the unraveling of both their lives occurs before his very eyes, forcing Seth to learn the definition of the word regret the hard way.

Blog Tour: Mastering the Art of a Three Ringed Circus by: A. Wilding Wells

by A. Wilding Wells
The Wild Things Series #2, Standalone
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Perhaps some promises should be broken….

The price of freedom was as simple as a promise. Fifteen more years in jail or a marriage. I agreed and didn’t look back, until the circus came to town.

Leaving England behind for a small town in Wisconsin meant two more years of freedom for my family, which is my everything. And then I met Theophile, an irresistibly intriguing woman whose heart I will claim, regardless of the fact that she made a promise to one of the greediest and wealthiest men on earth: my father.

A deeply moving, gripping modern day fairytale about a spirited woman whose scruples are tested when her life is turned upside down by a larger-than-life candy heir and his eccentric circus family. A gut-wrenching, sweet and magical read filled with humor, tragedy and a cast of endearing characters that will steal your heart.