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Release Blitz: His Muse by: Isabella Starling

Title: His Muse  Author: Isabella Starling  Genre: Erotic Romance 

Release Blitz: The Do-Over by: Julie A. Richman

The Do-Over, an all-new emotional and sexy STANDALONE by Julie A. Richman is now LIVE!!
~ Sometimes, one degree is all that separates you from the one you were meant to be with. ~
Wes Bergman was sex on a stick. We’d been circling one another our entire lives, mingling at the same clubs... attending the same events…sharing mutual acquaintances…yet we’d never actually met. Until . . . we both boarded a Windjammer Cruise in the Caribbean. And it was like meeting my long, lost best friend for the first time. I hadn’t ever connected with a guy that way before.

Release Day: Damaged Love by: Riann C. Miller

Cover Design: Juliana Cabrera/Jersey Girl & Co. Release Date: January 25, 2017
Synopsis True love never dies . . . but some lies are impossible to forget.
Jet Nothing worth having in life is simple. No truer words have ever been spoken. At the age of nineteen, I knew exactly what I wanted out of life, but everything changed after a chance encounter with a woman I couldn’t get out of my head, one that left me wanting more. What I felt for her was unforgettable; no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t purge her from my mind. She became my weakness . . . my everything. Little did I know our lives were on a predetermined course, leading us toward certain destruction. They say love can be blinding, and I unknowingly walked straight into the blazing light.
Rachel Jet was never meant to be mine, but for a short period of time, he helped me forget the anguish that had always been my constant companion. I allowed myself to feel happiness, to get comfortable, to be free of the nightmare tha…

Release Blitz: Talk Dirty To Me by: Lulu Wright

Talk Dirty to Me, an all-new second chance STANDALONE from Lulu Wright is now Live!!!

Mark Carrington already broke my heart once. This sexy, temperamental playboy might dominate the major leagues, but there's no way in hell I'm letting him play ball with my heart again.  Until I find myself facing him down every morning on our new radio show, and his undeniable hotness starts to break down my resistance--and almost erase all the memories of how he dumped me back in high school.  We've both grown up since then, and now Mark is even more gorgeous and infuriating than ever. But I can't get away from him--not when my beloved alternative rock station depends on his sexy ass to avoid getting bought out by a greedy corporation.  But when he corners me in the production room to compliment my sexy radio voice and admire my David Bowie T-shirt, it's all I can do to keep my clothes on and my hands off of him. So I don't.  And the more I get to know him, the more I reali…

Release Day: Grand Parade by: Lilliana Rose

Synopsis Megan is a young photographer with her first real job at the Royal Adelaide Show, where she has to capture the agricultural event. As a city girl, she is clueless, and when she gets too close to a grumpy bull, she is kicked in the head. Guilty that his bull hurt someone and aware of the painful side effects of head injuries due to the loss of his sister, Jackson takes care of Megan. Megan is determined that she will be all right and continues photographing during the day before collapsing. Jackson is there to make sure she is taken to hospital and cared for. Recovering, Megan finds herself drawn to Jackson, but she’s not sure that she can be anything than a city girl, even for love. Can Jackson, in his quiet, strong, country-boy style, convince her to take life in a new direction, with him?

Sales Blitz: Ascenders Saga by: C.L. Gaber

Title: Ascenders Saga Author: C.L. Gaber  Genre: YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi Hosted by: Lady Amber's Reviews & PR

Blurb: Walker Callaghan doesn't know what happened to her. One minute she was living her teenage life in suburban Chicago...and the next minute, she was in a strange place and in a brand new school with absolutely no homework, no rules, and no consequences. Walker Callaghan, 17, is dead. She doesn't go to heaven or hell. She lands at The Academy, a middle realm where teenagers have one thing in common: They were the morning announcement at their high schools because they died young.

Release Blast: Boys, Toys, OH MY! Vol. 2 by AM Willard

Boys, Toys - Oh My Vol 2  By A.M. Willard 

Genre: Romance 
Is this what my life has become… Selling novelty items to couples…  I walked away from it all - the job, and the guy because he thought I was a stripper… The problem, I still want the guy, and I still blush at the word penis. Not as much, but the heat still rises when I stop to think about what I’m saying.  Yes, this is my new life and I have to find the confidence to live it like I own it.  I knew allowing her to walk away that night was a mistake… Now I have to find a way to show that I truly care about her, and maybe then she’ll understand that I can’t live my life without her.  The problem is she only wants to be friends, if that’s the only way I get her then it’ll have to be enough. 
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Pre-Order Blitz: BRAUM by: Ditter Kellen

Title: Braum (Enigma Book 7) Author: Ditter Kellen  Genre: Science Fiction Romance with a Paranormal feel Cover Designer: Syneca Featherstone Publisher: DK Media, LLC Editor: Kierstin Cherry Expected Release Date: Feb. 14th, 2017 Hosted by: Lady Amber's Reviews & PR

Blurb: As the daughter of the vice president of the United States, Josie Reynolds must adhere to certain rules; very little interaction with the outside world, and definitely no contact with the deadly Bracadytes that live beneath. Until a chance meeting in the halls of the White House brings her face to face with the giant alien known as Braum. He's gorgeous, mysterious and undeniably dangerous. But the forbidden had always been Josie's weakness... Watching the beautiful Josie from a distance is no longer enough for Braum. Though his head demands he stay away, his heart refuses to listen. Braum's entire world is turned upside down when he leaves with the vice president's daughter, and returns to A…

Release Event: The Devil's Daughter by: Katee Robert


FBI agent, Eden Collins is going home... to catch a killer. Fans of Audey Harte’s It Takes One and Kendra Elliott's Bone Secrets series, will devour The Devil’s Daughter, the fast-paced and suspenseful first book, in the Hidden Sins series by NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author Katee Robert.
Title: The Devil’s Daughter  Author: Katee Robert Series: Hidden Sins #1 Genre: Romantic Suspense  Release Date: January 24, 2017 Publisher: Montlake Romance Print Length: 316 pages Format: Digital and Paperback  ISBN: 1503940918
Synopsis:  Growing up in a small town isn’t easy, especially when you’re the daughter of a local cult leader. Ten years ago, Eden Collins left Clear Springs, Montana, and never once looked back. But when the bodies of murdered young women