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Heartless by: Michelle Horst

Heartless by: Michelle Horst Publisher: MA Horst Publication Date: August 26, 2017

Synopsis: I’m warned that Carter Hayes is heartless. He’s part of the screw crew. He’ll just use you and leave you. He’s ruthless and always gets what he wants. Just look for the trail of broken hearts and dreamy sighs and you’ll find him. “Hot as sin, Carter.” I don’t have time to fall head over heels for any guy. Besides, he’d never notice someone like me. I have a three step plan. Get through college. Get a job. Get my sister out of the hell hole I left her in. That’s all I have time for.  That’s until I hear of the betting pool the guys started. Whoever screws me first gets the money.  The moment Carter looks at me, I know it’s only because of the bet. I tell myself our first kiss is only for show. I hate my heart for falling for his irresistible charm. For one foolish moment, I actually want him to be my first earth-shattering love. All it takes for me to give in is a little attention, a cocky smi…

Chasing Ella by: Jillian Quinn

Chasing Ella  by: Jillian Quinn  Publisher: Penn Publishing Publication Date: September 27, 2017 Cover Designer: Michele Catalano, Michele Catalano Creative

Synopsis: Every Princess needs a Prince Charming…  When a masked girl throws herself at Shawn Finch at a costume party, the hotshot football player assumes she’s just another girl trying to get his attention. Except she’s not just any girl. She’s his Cinderella, the nameless girl in the pale blue dress who got away.  Desperate to find her, Finch searches for his mystery girl with no luck. So, it must be fate when Finch’s grade point average drops and the school assigns him a tutor not knowing they just handed over his Cinderella.  After having a crush on Finch since the first time she spotted him on campus, one kiss was all she’d ever wanted. But Finch has other plans once he discovers the truth about his tutor.
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Girl Crush by Stephie Walls

Cover Design: Wicked by Design Release Date: September 21, 2017
Synopsis I was done. Done with men. Women say it all the time; they get fed up, throw their hands in the air, and vow a life of celibacy—until the next chiseled chest comes into view and then they’re foaming at the mouth and wiping the drool from their chins. But this was different, I really meant it.  I’d been manhandled by the last pig that would ever bring his sausage near me. After one of the nastiest divorces in history, followed by some of the crudest and raunchiest dates, I’d decided to bat for the other team.  …At least I tried.  But creating the next Brat Pack hadn’t been on the agenda. Neither had Collier West. And I wasn’t prepared for finding true love at the end of my gal-pal tryst.

Harper Sloan Announcement:

It's not secret that the Corps Security and Hope Town crew are close to my heart. Not only did they begin it all, but they've continued to steal my soul since book 1. Because of this, I couldn't be more excited that some of my favorite authors in the world have joined in to give them a new and exciting breath. With them and these new stories, we get to jump back in with some of our favorite cast and crew. You never really know what you'll get, but one things certain, you'll be within the world we all know and love while enjoying a little sexiness from their own worlds. It's got me so excited, I can't handle it! I hope you all enjoy this next step with the new Kindle Worlds branch; Corps Security in Hope Town 

COMING SEPTEMBER 26! Love, Harper JB Salsbury – Fighting For Honor New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author JB Salsbury brings her Fighting series to Harper Sloan’s Hope Town in this Kindle Worlds exclusive, Fighting for Honor.
  UFL fighter …

With The First Goodbye by: Len Webster

With the First Goodbye by Len Webster is only weeks away! Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: September 27

Check out the stunningly beautiful cover!!!
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Blurb: Bros before hoes or so the saying goes. However, Maxwell Sheridan threw that saying out the window the minute he hooked up with his best friend, Alex’s, poisonous ex. The moment he slept with her, he was hooked. Sloppy seconds was not his style, but she was a cruel addiction he couldn’t overcome. He thought his days of betraying his best friends were behind him. But Max learnt the hard way that history had a way of repeating itself. That was until one moment on a bridge would change it all. Josephine Faulkner is struggling. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. Life has caused her to grow up. Gone are the wild days, black hair, and dating men her ambassador father would never approve of. But jugg…

After Our Kiss by: Nora Flite

After Our Kiss, a all-new, dark and sexy standalone from  Nora Flite is LIVE!!! 

After Our Kiss  by Nora Flite Publication Date: August 29th, 2017 Genre: Contemporary Romance 
I was thirteen when I was kidnapped. Fourteen when he helped me escape. Twenty-three before I ever saw him again. His face is all over the news: he's a wanted man, now. Maybe my memory played tricks on me… but he looks so different. The boy who saved me years ago had a shy smile and dark, soulful eyes full of secrets. This man has a hard jaw and a harder mouth. Lips that could never whisper sweet promises. I knew him as a hero—my savior. I refuse to believe he could become a villain. Not him. Then he abducts me, proving me wrong. He tells me he's going to take me apart and put me back together again. Make me what he needs me to be: a plaything for a monster. It's the fate I escaped when I was fourteen. And that's when I finally understand. He was never my hero. He's the man who's going …

Crane by: Esther E. Schmidt

From the writer of “Areion Fury MC”, “Broken Deeds MC”, & “Wicked Throttle MC” Esther E. Schmidt is proud to introduce her fourth MC series; Lost Valkyries MC. 
This series will involve short stories (each of them standalone), “Crane”, will be kicking off this whole new series.
Title: “Crane” Series: Lost Valkyries MC #1 Author: Esther E. Schmidt Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt Model/ Photographer: Nathan Hainline Release Day: August 29th, 2017
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Faya - My eyes close and I brace for the pain. Except it doesn’t come. It always comes. Wait for it my mind tells me, making me brace some more. I hate waiting for it, when that happens it’s always so much worse. Crane - The job was to prevent her from testifying. I’ve already been paid because my ass isn’t moving before the cash is in place. That’s right, I have a spotless reputation. A hitman who gets the job done. Any job, any time. On…

Wild Ride Cowboy by: Maisey Yates

In Wild Ride Cowboy, Alex Donnelly returns to Copper Ridge, Oregon to keep a promise, but the last thing he expects is to fall for his best friend's sister, Clara Campbell. Fans of Maisey Yates' Copper Ridge series will love this sweet, sexy romance releasing August 29th!
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Title: Wild Ride Cowboy Author: Maisey Yates Publisher: Harlequin Release Date: August 29, 2017 Series: Copper Ridge #9 Genre: Contemporary Romance ISBN: 9780373803644
He's come back to Copper Ridge, Oregon, to keep a promise—even if it means losing his heart… Putting down roots in Copper Ridge was never Alex Donnelly's intention. But if there's one thing the ex-military man knows, it's that life rarely unfolds as expected. If it did, his best friend and brother-in-arms would still be alive. And Alex wouldn't have inherited a ranch or responsibilit…

Show Me Yours by: Sasha Burke

Show Me Yours by Sasha Burke is LIVE! Only 99c & FREE with #Kindle Unlimited!
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The woman’s killing me. I’m not the kind of man who would normally even consider blurring the lines between landlord and tenant or boss and employee, but Summer is a walking temptation. Neurotic and obsessive-as-hell when it comes to work details, sure, but a damn cute-without-knowing-it temptation nevertheless. She’s been a good tenant and an even better worker. Plus, she doesn’t simper or throw herself at me like a lot of women who find out my net worth. I’ve grown...fond of her, oddly enough. But if she drags my ass out of bed in the middle of the night to talk about work one more time…
* * *
The man’s a saint. Not only did Jason hire me for the greatest project I’ve ever run point on, but he also let me move into an amazing loft in his building as an extravagant job-relocation perk. Sure, he can be a grouch when I accidentally wake him up to go over the project, bu…

Bastards & Whiskey by: Alta Hensley

Check out the AMAZING cover for Bastards & Whiskey by Alta Hensley! Release Date: September 18th

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I sit amongst the Presidents, Royalty, the Captains of Industry, and the wealthiest in the world. We own Spiked Roses—an exclusive, membership only establishment in New Orleans where money or lineage is the only way in. It is for the gentlemen who own everything and never hear the word no. Sipping on whiskey, smoking cigars, and conducting multi-million dollar deals in our own personal playground of indulgence, there isn’t anything I can’t have… and that includes HER. I can also have HER if I want. And I want.

Pitch Dark by: A.M. Wilson & Alex Grayson

Something sinister lurks!
Pitch Dark - from the twisted minds of  A.M. Wilson & Alex Grayson  - is coming SO soon!

Genre: Dark Romance Release Date: September 15, 2017

BLURB: One girl disappeared. After fifteen years, her cold lifeless body was found on the damp forest floor. Not an inch of her was unmarked by the horrors she endured. Alone, malnourished, abused in horrific ways; this was how she died. One girl was found walking the streets, covered in dirt and scars. She had no memory of who she was, where she came from, or what happened to her. Even though the marks on her body attested to years of heinous abuse, her strength shone through at every turn. Revenge and justice were sworn. Years of searching brought up nothing but dead ends. Detective Niko James was too late to save his childhood friend, but he vows not to let down another.  The clock is ticking and the trail is pitch dark.

The Cowboy's Runaway Bride by: Laurie LeClair

The Cowboy’s Runaway Bride by Laurie LeClair (The McCall Brothers, #3) Published by: Tule Publishing Publication date: August 24th 2017 Genres: Adult, Romance

Synopsis: When Dallas society bride Elizabeth Eve Barrington discovers her intended’s financial ulterior motives for marriage, she hightails it out of the church in her wedding gown and hops in the back of a parked and beat-up pickup truck.
Happy to leave the big city, sexy cowboy Connor McCall jumps in his truck, revs up his engine, and then heads home to Honor, Texas with the goal of saving his family’s failing ranch. Hours later and miles down country roads, Connor discovers the stowaway bride, and he’s pretty sure she’s feigning amnesia.
What’s a cowboy to do? Cowboy up, of course. He takes Eve home, determined to solve her mystery. What he discovers is a lot of smoke–and where there’s smoke, there’s fire, with the heat generating between them hot enough to burn. Will Connor be damned if he falls for the beautiful runaway b…

Cyanide by: Ella Fields

Title: Cyanide  Series: Surface Rust #1 Author: Ella Fields Release Date: August 24, 2017

Blurb:  Heartless. Conceited. Shallow. Three simple words to describe me.  I had everything a girl could ask for, yet nothing I truly needed. I'd made peace with who I was and the expectations set upon me long ago. Only to have that peace shattered when a nameless hero rode into my world.  I wasn't allowed to have him. Too bad I never cared much for the word no. Because I'd soon learn the hard way that too much self-indulgence could result in incurable consequences.

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All I Want Is You by: Cassie Cross

All I Want Is You  by Cassie Cross  Publication date: August 22nd 2017  Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Synopsis: Hayley Grey is new in town and in a binge-watching, ice cream-eating rut. She’s sworn off commitment, so when her best friend drags her out of bed and into a singles bar, Hayley’s just hoping to get laid. By the end of the night, she’s on the run with a hot stranger named Hunter, and happy she’s still alive. Hunter Jacobs is a bodyguard with one strict rule: never get romantically involved with clients. Hayley isn’t his typical client, and she’s testing his resolve like no one ever has before. When their life-changing weekend ends, will they have to break their rules or move on without each other?
All I Want is You is a stand-alone novella – no cliffhanger!

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Excerpt 1: Hot Guy is incredibly tall, has a m…

Nate by: Celia Aaron

RELEASE BLITZ Title: Nate Author: Celia Aaron Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: August 25, 2017

BLURB I rescued Sabrina from a mafia bloodbath when she was thirteen. Doing right by her became a priority for me, even while I was busy as the new head of the Philly syndicate. I sent her to the best boarding schools and kept her as far away from the life as possible. It worked perfectly. Until she turned 18. Until she came home. Until I realized that the timid girl was gone and in her place lived a smart mouth, a wicked imagination, and a body that demanded my attention. Who am I? Nice to meet you.

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The Conversion Series by: S.C. Stephens

Title: The Next Generation Author: S.C. Stephens Release Date: September 28, 2017 Series: Conversion #4 Add to Goodreads:

Synopsis Fitting in can be hard for anyone. But for Julian and Nika Adams, it’s especially challenging. Born as partial vampires, a rare offshoot of pureblood vampires, the twins have had to deceive people their entire lives—distancing themselves from their peers. Nika desperately wants a hero, a soulmate, someone she can trust with every fibre of her soul—someone as amazing as her father. The boys at her high school aren’t impressing, but luckily for Nika, Hunter Evans has moved into the neighborhood. Julian desperately wishes he could sever the empathic bond he has with his sister. While it was fun to experience each other’s emotions when they were kids, now that Julian finds himself pining for a girl he can’t have, sharing his feelings is the last thing he wants to do.

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I'll Make You Mine by: Gia Riley

Cover Design: MG Cover Release Date: September 13, 2017
Synopsis A girl who’s ready to love. A guy who only wants one girl. Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? Wrong. With a twin sister encouraging her to hook up with all the wrong people, Zoe’s being pulled in a million different directions. Dylan Tuner can’t stand by and watch it happen. He’s tired of loving Zoe Allen from a distance, and he’s more determined than ever to escape the friend zone. Can Dylan get his best friend to fall for him before they graduate college? Or does Zoe already have a plan of her own? Two best friends. Two polar opposites. One final chance.

Flawless Perfection by: Kristin Mayer

Title: Flawless Perfection Series: Timeless Love #2 Author: Kristin Mayer Photographer: Perrywinkle Photography Cover Designer: Perfect Pear Creative Covers Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date: August 25
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Three words altered my life forever. It has to be a terrible mistake. Yet … I know it’s not. I fear what comes next. Someone still wants me. I can sense the desperation behind their attempts. Garrick vows to protect me and I cling to his words. Will it be enough? The only thing I know is I can’t lose Garrick. And if I have to sacrifice everything to save him … I will.

Broken Vow by: Holly C. Webb

★¸.•*´♥`*•.¸★¸.•*´♥`*•.¸★ Broken Vow ©  Cover Reveal By Holly C Webb  ★¸.•*´♥`*•.¸★¸.•*´♥`*•.¸★

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Blurb: Rae Sullivan lived her life with one simple rule. Don’t let anyone get too close. It was her way of self-preservation. After giving her heart to a man that abused and beat her, she knew keeping everyone at arm’s length was the best way to protect herself. Only her family and her best friend Daisy knew the real Rae. Working as a substitute teacher helped her keep a safe distance from people; always moving on before anyone got too close. That was until she arrived at Saint Mike’s, and A.J Parrish crashed into her life.
Father Alex (A.J) Parrish had dedicated his life to his calling, believing that serving God was what he was meant to do. He worked at Saint Mike’s high school as the Basketball coach, and he was known for going the extra mile for the kids at the school. Little did he know that going that extr…

Beyond Reckless by: Autumn Jones Lake

Title: Beyond Reckless  Series: Lost Kings MC Genre: Contemporary Romance Author: Autumn Jones Lake Release: September 18, 2017 Photographer: Meagan Harding Cover Designer: Letitia Hasser, RBA Designs  Makeup/SPFX Artist: Liv Zak Cover Model: Jaxon Human Follow:


Blurb: Blood doesn’t make you family, loyalty does. Marcel “Teller” Whelan, Treasurer of the Lost Kings MC, has always been two things—honest and responsible. At ten years old, he was already taking care of his baby sister. At eighteen, he patched into the Lost Kings MC and took a major role in shaping the club’s future. Three years ago, he thought he’d met the perfect woman, only to have her reject everything he is—a Lost King. One bullet is a lifetime supply. Now, after an accident that left a girl dead and Teller almost crippled, he’s struggling through the darkest time in his life. His niece, sister, and Lost Kin…

Malahci and I by: JJ McAvoy

Malachi and I  by J.J. McAvoy  Publication date: September 27th 2017 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

A Contemporary Mystical Romance
What if I told you the greatest love stories ever told—Cleopatra and Mark Antony, Salim and Anarkali, Romeo and Juliet and so many more—are far greater tragedies than anyone has ever realized?
What if I told you that you haven’t been reading a new story… just a new chapter in one epic saga?
If I told you…all of those lovers…were actually the same two souls seeking their happily ever after over and over again, would you believe me?
Would you believe them? Born again, Love again, Part again, Was their curse.
In this modern era, will they find eternal love or will they be doomed to repeat the cycle forever? 
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His To Keep by: Vivian Wood

His To Keep  by Vivian Wood  Publication date: August 19th 2017 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

From Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller Vivian Wood
Nothing this fake should feel so good. CEO Connor Cavanaugh is a man in charge. He dominates in meeting rooms and at the gym, and his sinfully sexy body is proof. His upcoming wedding is supposed to seal the deal, putting his company in the spotlight and making it rain. That all goes down in flames when he walks in on his bride-to-be with another man. No one can know that a woman tried to make a fool of Connor Cavanaugh. Cancelling the wedding is the only option… until he spots a gorgeous brunette at the wedding planner’s office. Samantha. The perfect fake fiancĂ©e. She has a body that makes him want to walk her over the threshold, but she’s sweet. Harmless. She’ll suit the position perfectly. The only problem? Samantha has a wicked smile that keeps him up at night. Every day, she’s more tempting than the last. He …