Innocence For Sale. com/ Amy by: Ada Scott

Ada Scott 
Publication date: May 26th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Suspense

I want you to be my first, Daddy…

I sold my innocence for over a million dollars. Don’t judge me. You have no idea how far I’d go to save my Mom and our home.

This was the only thing I had that could bring in enough money in time, so yeah, I did it.

What kind of a guy purchases a girl’s virginity though? I had no idea what I’d be walking into when I arrived at the airport.

Kris Lane sure doesn’t look like he needs to pay for it. Tattoos, muscles, abs like a god, he must be tripping over panties wherever he goes. A girl could do worse for her first.

But why is he making me work so hard? Why doesn’t he just take what he paid for? By the time I stumble upon what he really wants, he’s wrapped me around his little finger…

Buying Amy’s virginity was a dare, a high-stakes wager with my business partner. He knew I couldn’t resist the challenge.

The rules were simple. One week with Amy. I had to resist her every advance and send her home just as untouched as when she arrived.

Little did I know that the photos on the website didn’t do her beauty any justice. Her body speaks to mine in ways I didn’t know was possible.

But I never lose. I was winning this bet, too, until she whispered those magic words in my ear. No man could resist her, and it’s time I got my money’s worth.

All bets are off.

But what happens at the end of our week together?”

Warning: This book is a million out of ten on the spiciness scale. When these two get together… this book does *not* fade to black. Keep a fan handy.


Excerpt 3
We finished our ride on the merry-go-round and shortly afterwards finished our ice creams too. Kris had his arm draped over my shoulders and I felt so safe, like he was protecting me from the dangers imagined from the past and any that might come up in the present too.
I stole a glance up at him as we walked and felt my heart flutter a little bit. He was a real mystery. 
When we were just having fun, being ourselves, it was hard to believe he didn’t feel that click between us. He ran for the hills when things heated up, but he never seemed more attracted to me than when I was just Amy, instead of Amy the expensive escort.
That was never more apparent than when I was trying to go through Ada’s laundry list of things to try with him. Everything I did seemed to make it easier for him to put a wall up between us. Especially the suggestion of putting something in his ass. That one hit a particularly sour note, judging by the look on his face.
Of course, there was one thing from Ada’s list that I hadn’t tried yet. Even reading it had almost made my heart stop.

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