Burnt Sugar by: Layne Harper

Burnt Sugar (ACE Series #2) by Layne Harper
Release Date: June 28, 2017

He left me crumpled in a ball on the worn hardwoods where my living room furniture used to be. He fed me to the paparazzi. He teased me with his new album—full of songs written about me. Then, I never heard from him again.
Did I let Aaron Emerson break me? Of course not. I’m MK Landry. I turned my mess into my message. I poured my heart out to my fans on NoPinkCaddy.com. Then, I picked up the phone and made the scariest call of my life. The rest, as they say, is history.
She dropped the worst line in the history of breakup lines: be the man I deserve. What does that even mean? I ran. I had no idea how to handle her injury, anger, and disappointment. She gave up on me when I needed her the most.
My life has marched forward. I’m in the middle of my comeback, sold-out tour. I have a model girlfriend. On the outside, my world looks rock star perfect. But Mary Kay Landry left a void in my soul that no amount of fame or time spent with others can fill. I’m stuck in MK purgatory where she haunts my nights and fills my days.

Burnt Sugar is the second book in the ACE series.

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About the Author
Layne Harper is a mom, wife, book junkie, and sports fanatic. However, when the kids and husband are safely ensconced at school and work, she slips into her office with her three rescue dogs and writes until it’s time to drive carpool. Her children have no idea about her secret life (and they hopefully never will), and the dogs won’t tell. She’s always writing in her mind though and making notes on whatever is close by; envelopes, napkins, a kid’s homework…

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MY REVIEW: Hey there!! Let's chat about Layne ... Be sure to read "No Pink Caddy" the 1st book from the ACE Series. This is not a standalone, this book continue on with the love story between MK and Aaron. I love her book covers, so cool. I love antique cars, did I mention I know a 2003 Thunderbird? Such well developed characters, steamy scenes, smart & witty chit-chat throughout. I did have moments of laughing, giggling but then sad & down moments ...such a great read.  I love Layne's writing style. Such a great read. I must say ... I love (enjoyed) the 1st book better that is my reasoning for the lower star rating. but I'm so glad the story continues in this one, so that is so super awesome positive, if you enjoy a read that is very emotional kind of ride, you will love this read ... if you have a thought after book 1 about where the story will lead or go, think again???!!!  Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well today. Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ; 


William Kendall said…
Good review, Beth.