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Book Blitz: Bombshell by: Kellie Hart

by Kellie Hart 
(Up-Close and Personal Novella, #1) 
Publication date: February 9th 2017
Genres: Comedy, Erotica, Romance

Ladies, I think I speak for the majority of us on the face of the planet when I say we all have that guy who’s grown on us like a delicious fungus. You know the kind I’m talking about–maybe he is your high school teacher or best friend’s dad–some piece of man candy so hot and edible that no matter what you do, you can’t get his taste off your mind (even if you haven’t tasted him yet).
For me, that guy is my big brother’s best friend, one Fox Montgomery. Doctor. Professor. Author.
Here’s the problem though: not only is he the most gorgeous male specimen I’ve ever laid eyes on–black hair, steely grey eyes, and a lower lip you just wanna suck–he’s also a rich academic prick. AND I HATE HIM.
I hadn’t seen him in years, and when I finally did, the vision before me bought a one-way ticket to my personal pleasure town. Then, his beautiful eyes roamed all over me, and I knew–I knew!–he didn’t like what he saw.
Yeah, I’m a big girl, curvy, smooth, and round in all the right places. I’m also covered in tats, and six-inch heels are my go-to footwear. So, let me be frank about something: I’m sexy, and if I wanted a man, I’d have one.
Yet, with one look, Fox turned my years of longing and long-distance into a big ole mountain of hate.

Here’s the thing, girls: hate and love are effin evil twins. And if my heart gets its way, Doctor Fox and I are going to end up participating in some very strenuous sextracurricular activities. Here’s to our chemistry getting an A+. ;)

*This is a stand-alone novella that is the opener of the Up-Close & Personal series. It’s hilarious and dirty and raunchy and perfectly short enough to be read in a single sitting. That’s what Kellie Hart delivers: pocket-sized smut with a capital P! *wink wink* And you’ll never finish a story without a total HEA! Due to adult content, however, Kellie suggests you be 18+ before getting your kicks on Route Sexty-Six. Trust me: you wouldn’t want your kids reading this, you dirty girl, you.


FOX’S JAW CLENCHES; THEN, HE licks his lips, and they glisten in the low light of the library. It takes everything in me to not crawl his leg like the horndog I am, but I’m getting high off this power trip I’m on, so why stop now?
I hum a little and pull each of the pins from my bun out one by one. Fox’s eyes track the movement of my hand from the back of my head to the table beside him. I’m sure to let my breasts brush his elbow each time I stoop, and every tiny bend at the waist puts me almost eye-level with the growing bulge in his jeans. 
Pleased with myself, I turn my back to Fox, unbutton my sweater, and toss it to the floor. My skirt unzips slowly, and it slips down my legs and over my stockings, leaving sensitized skin in its wake. I fluff my hair and cast a glance at him over my shoulder. 
“Like the view?”
Spinning on my Louis Vuittons, I step to him and pause so he gets the full effect of the lacey goodies adorning my curves. A red satin bra with a plunging neckline lifts and separates my tits, and a matching thong hugs my ass. The ensemble is made complete by the polkadot garters holding up my black fishnet thigh-highs. Fox is slack-jawed, his gray gaze traversing my exposed fullness in a way that makes me feel devoured before he’s even begun to nibble. 
Another step puts me directly in front of him, and I lift a heel to place it on the chair beside Fox’s leg.
“Breathe me in,” I order.
Without a second thought, Fox’s head drops to journey along my calf, but I grab a handful of his dark hair to keep his nose from touching me. When he reaches my inner thigh, I yank his head back as his tongue darts out.
“What do you think you’re doing, Dr. Montgomery?”
“I want to taste you,” he growls.
“Is that so?” I ask. “Perhaps, your punishment can be amended.”
I move to straddle Fox in one swift move. He’s still sitting on his hands, and his thighs quake as he struggles to contain himself. Beneath my thin panties, I feel the girth of him that I’ve imagined; it’s hard and thick even through the material of his jeans. 
“My, my,” I say, palming his, “someone has enjoyed my little show.”
Fox thrusts into my fingers. “Give me something, Ms. Charles. Anything.”
I reach around and flick my bra open. It’s as painful for me as it is for Fox when I take an eternity to pull the bra down my arms and cast it aside. My breasts spill heavy and full into my hands. Being a big girl has made me self-conscious at times in my life, but my tits have always been my glory, and I relish in revealing them to anyone for the first time. Previous lovers (like all three of them) may have appreciated the majesty that is my mama mountains, but the drool on Fox’s lips suggests he’s come home to feast. 
I let the ladies loose and raise my arms high above my head, stretching, so my nipples tickle his mouth. My hands wind into my hair, and a moan escapes as Fox presses into me. Eyes closed, I detect that Fox’s hands have escaped their cage, and I don’t care. 
“Taste me. Now.”

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William Kendall said…
Congratulations to Kellie.

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