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Release Boost: His Lucky Charm by: Frankie Love

Title: His Lucky Charm
Author: Frankie Love
Genre: Adult Contemporary
Release Date: March 9, 2017

“Clover is my pot of gold and I want to be her rainbow.”
People call me The Lucky Irishman. 
Things always seem to go my way. 
After a night of drinking with my brother, we make a bet. A bet that favors me.
He doesn’t seem to think I can stay with one woman for an entire week.
Just because I never have, doesn’t mean I can’t.
We raise the stakes. If I win, I get the land he owns in the Wicklow Mountains.
And that land is all I’ve ever wanted.
Until Clover walks into my life.
She’s here in Ireland chasing rainbows, trying to turn her luck around.
It doesn’t take long to see that this girl isn’t the end of me—she’s the beginning.
But while I have the luck of the Irish, Clover doesn’t. And getting her to open up to me is no easy task.
When she finds out the real reason I brought her to my place in the woods I know she’s going to run.
I need to find the rainbow she’s chasing before my luck runs out.

Dear Reader,
It’s your lucky day! This Irish mountain man is the complete package. Emphasis on package. This is a filthy-sweet romp in the woods that will have you looking for leprechauns and rainbows. Get ready, baby cakes, you’re about to get shamrocked.
xo, frankie

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MY THOUGHTS: I'm doing this totally on my own accord, this review, reading this book has nothing to do with this just wanted to get my 2 coin-age about it all!!! I love Frankie Love's writing ...saw this book, when I did share the Cover Reveal with every one!! I did pay for it with my hard earned cash. thank you very much!! ( ; I love a good St. Patrick's Day read, don't think I have ever read one in my lifetime??? ... and good luck read, with love and romance. So I saw that it was .99 cents for a limited time and snapped it up and Loved it!! Am I the only one who wants a bowl of Lucky Charms? I love everything Irish, Green and lucky!! Such a great read!!! What a perfect story for reading any time. But really for St. Patrick's Day. Lots of Love & Luck!! I love Frankie's writing style. Love these characters, Clover and Conor ... so cute!! I would love to go to Ireland. looking for rainbows. Photographer meets Mtn. Tour Guide (Cutie Mc. Hottie) Rainbows and all. Must read if you love Frankie's books. Such a fan. Must read!! Thank you for stopping by today, Hope you enjoyed your visit!! Be Well & Be Blessed!! Big Big hugs!!  ( :


William Kendall said…
Good review, Beth.

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