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I AM furious! - for some silly reason i have been locked out of my Facebook account, which includes my Facebook blog page, it wishes for me to know or identify friend's account picture.

well, sadly i do not know every single friend's picture & for some reason the only other option to get into Facebook is to use a Government ID, sorry I am not willing to give any more personal info to Facebook ever. They know enough of my info already.

Sadly everything is connected to Facebook - Goodreads, Pinterest. I have already changed those passwords. I am clueless as to what should be the next step? I mean in the world of world this is such a silly issues, but when it is connected to so many of your other accounts, & my blogging time is here on the net & on & on ... this is very frustrating. : (

I am unsure how this all got started??! I was in my account just this AM?? seems very very very fishy!!!! I don't even see a help button, help email or whatnot? trying not to c…