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Unsocially Yours a novella by: MJ Fields

"Unsocially Yours"
"Itunes" says: "Sugar and spice and everything nice, may be what some girls are made of. 
Katherine Anne Teresa Brun is not one of those girls.

Katherine was raised doing what she was told, and playing it safe…most of the time.
With a strong love for a book she received as a gift, Alice in Wonderland, she lives her life believing that everything is nonsensical, thus making it impossible to ‘fit in’ with others. She doesn’t care.

After attending an all girl catholic school and living her life with an over exuberant, overprotective, overbearing mother,  Katherine is heading to college. Out from under her mother, and ‘father’s’ rule she can finally live life… on her own terms. 

Her very first day as a college freshman, at Harvard University, Katherine decides to throw caution to the wind, and her ever-unsocial self goes out to play."

a novella by: "MJ Fields" the cover pulls ya in. I had to know what she was so pissed off about, I mea…