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Danny (Models On Top Series) by: S.L. Scott

I have never read any of S.L Scott's writing ...but wow wee, I am totally sold. I will be checking out more of her books very very soon. 
Do you ever start reading a book & think ok, I know I will love this book. Hands down, let me start writing all my favorite lines, saying or other such cuteness from this book so I don't forget a word. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE BOOKS!!! (no yelling, just speaking with total excitement. 
Loved it. sold. Where are more of SL Scott's books? 2% into the book I'm LOL, Love the front section where the author does thank-yous and such. Such a sweet section. AWWW. What's the saying "winner, winner, chicken dinner"? Such a great book. If you can win me over within a few seconds flat of the beginning of a book, you have me for life. no joke. seriously. Available on Amazon "April 12th". More about the author "S.L. Scott" & her personal "website". I can not wait to see what the next book in this ser…