Gilmore Girls: A Year in their Life: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall 

So, if you are still reading, I would hope you realize that I will be revealing my thoughts, AND yes, a few major spoilers, detailed feeling about the 4 episodes. YOU can you see this show thanks to Netflix. 

1. I have always loved how Lorelai loves seeing & smelling the 1st snowflakes. Time travel must really work in Rory's favor ...she is zooming over quickly from Stars Hollow, Connecticut to London & back for work? WHAT? What does she have a time machine? Throughout each season a lot of time change happens so quickly. Almost to where you are shaking your head going what a lot??!?

2. Oh gosh, the funeral ...Rory's grandfather, Richard Gilmore (aka. Edward Hermann) passed away in real life, so they had to make a huge to do about in the series. Hilarious how they can not seem to get the headstone to suit Emily Gilmore?

3. Who the hell is Paul, where did Rory meet him? & How did they start dating?

4. I can not believe that this is the 1st Paul Anka (Lorelai dog) after all these years, possible it is the 2nd or even the 3rd?

5. Rory & Paris head to give talks at Chilton Preparatory School. Paris has a huge freak out moment in the bathroom, PRICELESS!!! I love Paris, she is such an amazing character.

6. Lorelai has all the amazing chefs working at the Dragonfly Inn, to help out while we all wonder where & why the heck Sookie St. James is not there?  ...Rachel Ray, etc. etc. Michel ...love him, where is his Chow Chow, he never said anything about his beloved dog?

7. My favorite season of the whole bunch, was FALL. It was jammed pack full of all sort of amazing characters, you kind of didn't need all of the other 3 seasons, were they even there at all? Lorelai, got hiking on the Pacific Coast Trail, or at least tries to get ready to do so. Did she even have her pass? Comes back to Luke & confuses so much. I love her story (phone call) to Emily about her father, that is perfect! Lorelai finally gets married to Luke, in secret with Michel, Lane, & Rory. I could have swore they were already married.

8. Rory meets up with the Logan gang, love those guys, I know they would be a real blast to hang out with.

9. Jess. He will forever be my favorite boyfriend to Rory, but never imagined he would be the one Rory would pick in the end. Dean. I think he was a boyfriend who was meant to happen, but will be the guy who she always looks back on as a bench mark, to rate other guys too. Logan. Is a cool guy, great for occasionally checking in on, but never marriage material or for a baby daddy??!!? Sookie St. James. Sadly she only had one short showing, Guess Melissa McCarthy is a too pricey of an actor to have on the show now??!?

other thoughts? asking Emily for money to start a new addition or place to her Dragonfly in. We have never met Mr. Kim? Lane's father. WHAT??! Taylor & Kirk are crazy as ever. Love Stars Hollow, can I move there? What else am I forgetting??! ( ;

10. I know, I know .. the 4 words that every one continues to speak about "Mom, I am pregnant". The minute she went to see her Dad, that was an awkward meeting?? I knew they were heading to the pregnant show line. But I was thinking? WHY?! I know for the world it makes sense to have her follow in her mother's footsteps? But why??! WHY?? Rory is more than that, she has always been one to make big HUGE life changes. 

To sum up the whole series, I don't believe that Rory would ever do this, EVER!! She has been through the whole cheating married thing. Dean ...he was married when they cheated, she knows better. If anything Logan would be a fling not anything else. There are so many items, storylines, confusing parts that were or have been left undone!!! I truly believe this the point: THERE WILL BE MORE GILMORE GIRLS episodes, shows, they would have never leave it so undone. It would have been so much better if they would have never start again. Allowing our brains to end it how we wanted it to end. What are you thoughts? I know, I know, William you have not watched it. Any one else who wishes to tell me their thoughts? ANY ONE? Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care & See you again real soon. Have a great day!!! Beth ( : 


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