Release Day: What You Do to Me by: Barbara Longley

Title: What You Do to Me
By: Barbara Longley
Publication Day: November 1st, 2016 


Whether it's repairing a home or taking care of clients' other needs, Twin Cities handyman Sam Haney is in demand from his mostly female clientele. Despite Sam's lothario reputation, love isn't part of his portfolio. He's built a lot of walls in his time, but the one that's surrounded his heart ever since the death of his parents is his most solid yet. 

Haley Cooper has had enough heartache for a lifetime. Her high school sweetheart up and moved to Indonesia—alone—just two weeks before their wedding. Her mother thinks it’s time for Haley to move on and contracts Sam to work on Haley’s wreck of a house—and anything else, if he’s got the notion.

Sparks fly and passion ignites. But Haley isn’t into Sam’s love-’em-and-leave-’em act. She wants something more. Fixing a house is one thing, but for this handyman, building a relationship will need a whole different set of skills.


He rapped his knuckles against the door and took a step back. The door swung wide, and Haley gaped at him in surprise. She was probably expecting some suit-and-tie guy come to take her out. Of course. She looked like a suit-and-tie kind of woman, not his type at all—not that he had a type. “Hey, I think we got off on the wrong foot.”

“You think?” She arched a single brow and managed to look down her nose at him, even though she was a good half a foot shorter. “Don’t worry about it,” she said with plenty of attitude. “I’m not going to complain to your HR department.”

Haney & Sons didn’t have an HR department. Far Worse. They had Grandpa Joe and Grandma Maggie. Ms. Cooper’s smugness annoyed him. “Obviously you have mother issues, and—”

“I don’t have mother issues.” A blotch of red blossomed on her collarbone. 

Another red blotch appeared on her neck, and another on her cheek. Interesting. Ms. Cooper was not a woman who blushed. She blotched. Why hadn’t he noticed that before? Oh, right. Probably because he was too busy trying to come up to speed on the whole mother-called-pretending-to-be-daughter thing and all. “OK, your mother has issues.”

“I’ll concede the point.” Haley crossed her arms in front of her, lifting her breasts slightly.

Do not stare. Do not even glance in that direction. “I’m just as much a victim here as you are.”

She snorted, and the smugness returned to her expression.

“Hey,” he said, giving her his most charming smile. “I’m very good at what I do. Give me a chance to prove it to you.”

Her brow rose, and one side of her mouth twitched up a millimeter. “I’m sure you’re very good at what you do, Mr. Haney, but I’m still not going to have sex with you. Still not interested in your special touch.” She made quote marks in the air, bracketing her words.

Well, that stung. Doggone it, not only had she insulted him, but now she wanted to rub salt into the wound? “I’m not talking about my skills in the bedroom, Ms. Cooper. I’m a skilled carpenter. The best.” He straightened and crossed his arms in front of him, mimicking her stance. 

“All I’m asking is that you give me the chance to prove to you that I . . .” Don’t need to offer sex on the side to get jobs? Why did he feel the need to prove anything to this uptight little paralegal? “Look. Your mother already hired me to put your house back together. She’s footing the bill, right? Let me do the job I was hired to do.” 

Sam reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out the electrical caps. “In the meantime, you have exposed live wires in your kitchen. At least let me cap them. I wouldn’t want your house to catch on fire.” She studied him, her expression wary. “Free of charge,” he muttered, “no strings or hands attached.”

“That’s very considerate of you.” She opened the storm door wider to let him in.

Relief washed through him. “I’m a very considerate guy.”

“You’re a hound dog,” she huffed.

“That’s horn dog.” Another insult, and not even true. The worst anyone could say about his exploits was that he wasn’t a man to let an opportunity pass by him. 

“Whatever.” She led him to her kitchen, her spine stiff. “If I let you do the work, there are a few ground rules that I must insist you follow.”

“Of course.” He put the caps on the exposed wires. “I’m guessing number one is to keep it strictly professional, which is unnecessary. I’ve never been the one to initiate first contact.” Until today, that is.

“Good, because I certainly will not be initiating . . . anything.” She lifted her prim little nose into the air. “I want to learn as much as I can about home repair. I’ll try not to get underfoot, but think of me as your new apprentice. My involvement with the work being done means odd hours and working around my schedule. Are you OK with that?”

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Meet The Author:

While growing up, award winning, Amazon bestselling author Barbara Longley moved frequently, learning early on how to entertain herself with stories. Adulthood didn’t tame her peripatetic ways. She has lived on an Appalachian commune, taught on an Indian reservation, and traveled the country from coast to coast. After having children of her own, she decided to try staying put, choosing Minnesota as her home.

Barbara holds a master’s degree in special education and taught for many years. She enjoys exploring all things mythical, paranormal and everything newsworthy, channeling what she learns into her writing.

Ms. Longley is a longstanding member of Romance Writers of America, (RWA) and Midwest Fiction writers.

Barbara is represented by Spencerhill Associates, Ltd. – Nalini Akolekar

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My Thoughts: Hey there, So glad you did stop by today. I wish to say a huge Congrats to Barbara, I can only imagine what it would be like to have a newly released book out, so exciting!! I was lucky enough to be one of 13 who gets her newsletter in my inbox that got this email saying... (this is why I would advise every one who has favorite authors, be sure to sign up for their newsletter, you never will know what they might share or giveaway, soon to be releases or ways to help them promote their book, ARCs, etc. etc.) "the next 13 people who email me will get an ARC of my up & coming new book". I did jump on that and emailed her right away. I got an autograph too, which is so so cool. LOVE THAT!!! One of the "Lucky 13". That's me!

I wanted to help her by promoting this new release. I am new to Barbara's writing and this will not be the last book I read of hers. I love her style. I felt pulled into the book, almost like I was there watching in real life. Sort of like, she lead over and said let me tell you this... how stories got started in the olden days, word of mouth. I love how she does use words like coot, or twerp ...not sure I have heard folks use that in a book before, but I enjoy authors who give their writing every day words, terms, makes it more lifelike, real, true to their roots.

I love how she describes Haley Cooper thoughts of what she thinks of her new handyman Sam Haney ... (this is not quote, just recalling from my mind.) he reminds her of Thor from the Marvel comic books, played by Chris Hemsworth. I love how Sam always consults his family ...making them a part of his daily life. His Grandpa Joe & Grandma Maggie totally pull at your heart strings and makes me think of so many folks I have in my life who are quite similar in their comments or actions. I can not imagine being raised by your grandparents? I can imagine it would be tough to always stay on the right path & never goof off.

A new word to me, "Lothario" is very similar to a person like "Don Juan"? Just guessing though??!

There are so many favorite quotes from this book. "You refer to your mother by her given name?" I loved this ...'cause I call my mother Mildred all the time, I know my Grandma Ruby (her mother) would always call her that, she passed several yrs. ago and it makes me still feel connected to those family roots by calling my mom that. It drives my brother nuts though, he always says "She is your mother, NOT MILDRED!!!"

"She's all of five feet five, Sam. She's not tall enough to look down her nose at you, or anybody else for that matter."

I so so so enjoyed this book, was so lucky to have the opportunity to read it before most. I would love for you to check it out! A Must Read in my book, such an easy read for me & I couldn't put it down. Read it in 2 days, could have read it quicker, but my book plate is huge and as always. Never enough reading time or hours. 

Have you read any of Barbara Longley's books before? Thanks for stopping by. 'till next time. Beth ( ; 


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