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Gilmore Girls: A Year in their Life: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall 
So, if you are still reading, I would hope you realize that I will be revealing my thoughts, AND yes, a few major spoilers, detailed feeling about the 4 episodes. YOU can you see this show thanks to Netflix. 
1. I have always loved how Lorelai loves seeing & smelling the 1st snowflakes. Time travel must really work in Rory's favor ...she is zooming over quickly from Stars Hollow, Connecticut to London & back for work? WHAT? What does she have a time machine? Throughout each season a lot of time change happens so quickly. Almost to where you are shaking your head going what a lot??!?

2. Oh gosh, the funeral ...Rory's grandfather, Richard Gilmore (aka. Edward Hermann) passed away in real life, so they had to make a huge to do about in the series. Hilarious how they can not seem to get the headstone to suit Emily Gilmore?

3. Who the hell is Paul, where did Rory meet him? & How did they start datin…