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I AM furious! - for some silly reason i have been locked out of my Facebook account, which includes my Facebook blog page, it wishes for me to know or identify friend's account picture.

well, sadly i do not know every single friend's picture & for some reason the only other option to get into Facebook is to use a Government ID, sorry I am not willing to give any more personal info to Facebook ever. They know enough of my info already.

Sadly everything is connected to Facebook - Goodreads, Pinterest. I have already changed those passwords. I am clueless as to what should be the next step? I mean in the world of world this is such a silly issues, but when it is connected to so many of your other accounts, & my blogging time is here on the net & on & on ... this is very frustrating. : (

I am unsure how this all got started??! I was in my account just this AM?? seems very very very fishy!!!! I don't even see a help button, help email or whatnot? trying not to cry, out of pure tears, pull out my hair in frustration. This is ridiculous!!  : (

So sorry for the issue. Until I get it working again ... I have no way of posting anything on FB unless it was pre-scheduled before today 8/23 ...


William Kendall said…
Unfortunately Facebook Help is pretty much worthless from my experience, and Facebook itself will never, ever reply. That said, if you can't find the Help feature on Facebook itself, just google Facebook Help Community and see if you can get some help there.

I've pretty much had it with Facebook, being wrongfully suspended over and over for never once violating their "community standards", while white supremacists get away with everything.