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Yep, sometimes I read like 4 or more books at a time, it has nothing to do with one being less interesting or whatnot, just the fact that I enjoy reading tons of books at the same time, I have so many I want to read or need to read. You should see my TBR list, it is so so long. I have to work on it constantly. I also have a Christmas in July post I am working on, so that is a book list, I am putting into the works on, I have 2 ARCs I am reading as well.

Oh, & I didn't list those in any such order, that just popped into my brain-O like that and I rattled them off into this post, no worries, right??! Have a great weekend & thank you for stopping by. I have couple posts that couldn't go up until later today, please drop back by, You will not wanna miss those. Timed posts they are... Beth ( :


William Kendall said…
That's a lot of reading!