The Bourbon Street Boys Series by: Elle Casey

"Amazon" says: "When a mysterious text message summons May Wexler to a biker bar in downtown New Orleans, she knows something is very wrong. Her sister has sent out an SOS, but when May gets there, she’s nowhere to be found and May is the one in trouble—she’s wearing pink espadrilles, she’s got a Chihuahua in her purse, and she’s in the middle of a shootout.
After tall, muscular Ozzie comes to her rescue, May has no choice but to follow him to safety. At the headquarters of his private security firm, the Bourbon Street Boys, she finds a refuge for the night—and the offer of a job. But it’s not long before a gun-toting stalker isn’t the only complication in May’s life: the more time she spends with Ozzie, the less she can deny that they’ve got some serious chemistry. A wrong number got her into this mess…Will it also get her the right guy?"

My Thoughts: I was so thankful I didn't read the Goodreads reviews about this book, I would not agree with them 100%. This is a book I wanna shout it from the rooftops that I LOVE IT!! I really dislike when a book is so great & folks are so mean & hateful and leaving such harsh thoughts. It seems so unfair. The moment I picked this book up I was dying laughing. "Elle Casey", her style of writing, she adds these little bits throughout like she's right there telling the story to ya. The text messages between her and her sister are priceless. LOL moments in every chapter. May Wexler (the main character, aka. "Little Bo Peep") as these silly thoughts, & is always wondering if she let them slip out loud. May's dog "Felix" is a "Chihuahua" & is always getting her into trouble.  I love books that give you such great visuals, or should I say the do this easily. No problem there. I can see May's espadrilles, sticking the the bar floor now. I do have a soft spot of anything New Orleans. or Louisiana for that matter. Love that area. Culture. Vintage. Style. Look. Feel.

A few amazing memorable quotes:

"I'm not a complete nincompoop when it comes to this security stuff."

"You just got your ass handed to you by someone you like to call Bo Peep. If I were you, I'd start questioning my ability to read people."

When I did purchase this book, it was a two for one price. "Wrong Place, Right Time (The Bourbon Street Boys Book 2)" I have already pre-ordered the 3rd book "Wrong Question, Right Answer (The Bourbon Street Boys Book 3)" & I can't wait until August of this year to read it!! So so excited!! Have you read any of Elle's books before? Now go enjoy my birthday. THANKS, for stopping by. Beth ( :


William Kendall said…
Good review, Beth!

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