The Carolina Cold Fury Hockey Series by: Sawyer Bennett

Can you believe it is April? Happy April showers & all the goodness April will bring us all. Finger crossed it is a great month. 

Let's get this April started out with an awesome series have got to check out "Sawyer Bennett" ...her "Carolina Cold Fury Series", I never knew I was such a hockey fan, I loved the movie "The Cutting Edge" (1992). I have probably seen that movie a zillion billion times love it!! I know so many lines, love the soundtrack and all that jazz.

Book 5 "Hawke". I am finishing up Hawke right now. Can I pick a favorite book from this series?, well each book pulls at your heartstrings for a different reason, but I really felt for Zack and his story so I would probably pick Zack or Ryker. But heck I loved them all, such a great series. You will love it!!! This series makes me want to check out a hockey game, but sadly I have no clue where the closest hockey rink is? I know they closed down the area ice rink in VA... so that stinks. I don't do ice, snow or regular skates. The hubby loves the roller skate. He always wanted to lean how to ski. Me, I will do water sports, kayaking and boating, but ice and snow are not my thing, so I will let the experts stick to that. I love watching the Olympics on tv, does that count? If you are a sports fan or not, these dudes will affect ALL of your senses in so many ways!!! I got these books on my kindle, bought the lump of all 4 in one book & Hawke all by his lonesome. It was so cool reading a series in a bunch like this. You get to really push yourself into another world. Love that! Do you prefer to read a series in one bang for your buck? Or space it out? Enjoy your day! Beth ( :


William Kendall said…
I guess if you wanted to see a game, you'd have to go watch the Washington Capitals.

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