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My Eyewear

I drop by Walmart to have my eyes checked. I do not have too bad of a prescription, my issues are with distance reading, I'm nearsighted, a stigmatization, my right eye sees a bit better than my left, how I can be so many things at once? I don't know? I only need to wear glasses when I am reading and using the computer. So that's awesome news!! 
These are the "Maggie, Tokyo tortoise shell", "Flower Eyewear - Drew Barrymore". These pics were taken in the car while the hubby was getting gas, so I got some great reflections, how do folks take pics when wearing glasses? It is near impossible. What do you think? 

Do I look smarter? I did try one more time later in the evening to get a shot with no reflection, you have to look down or away from the lights, I guess? Please check out this video to see more of my thoughts all about these fine speckles!!! Do you wear glasses? Beth ( :