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Unsung Heroes: The Story of America's Female Patriots

I love it when I turn on "Netflix" & see a must see show, please check out "Unsung Heros: The Story of America's Female Patriots". Here's a preview on "Youtube". I love hearing of ladies in the different branches of our military, for more information please see: "Unsung Heroes - the website".
"We didn't do it for publicity. We did it to serve our country." -- Deanie Parrish Women's Airforce Service Pilots
I have several ladies and men within my family that were in WWII and other times within our history to defend our great USA, what an honor! Please do check this one out! Beth ( :

The UnSlut Project

"Unslut: A Diary & A Memoir" by: Emily Lindin

"Discover Your Confidence" - Emily Lindin at TEDxYouth@Toronto

"The UnSlut Project promotes gender equality, sex positivity, and comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education for all ages. Join us in spreading the word and changing our world." 
My Thoughts: When I saw that video on the "TedxYouth" YouTube channel, I really was moved, brought tears to my eyes & made me want to do more. I immediately searched out everything to do with the project & even emailed them to look for more info to share with you my bloggy friends. What I love is that Emily - "Em" herself contacted me, & was super kind & gave me all these resources all about this amazing awesome project, if you want any more info ...please let me know? I would love to help out. 
I have never understood the double standard we seem to have with men & women. A girl who sleeps with lots of guys verse a guy who sleep…