Poirot (1989 - 2013)

Agatha Christie's Poirot, Series 1

happily I have found that "Netflix" has Agatha Christie's, "Poirot". have you seen it before? I love that show so. just love his mustache. a British tv drama, aired from January 8th, 1989 to November 13, 2013. I had no clue it was on that long. if you are looking for a mysterious, funny, humorous at times kind of show please check this one out. it's amazing how many great actors/actresses have been on the show. Beth ( :


William Kendall said…
I've seen Suchet in other roles, and I know he's played this one off and on for years, but I've never seen the Poirot shows.
Rose said…
We love British shows...have watched this for years. Did you watch Foyle's War? It is so well done...don't let the name put you off as it did me for years. Have you watched Morse, and Inspector Lewis? I don't know if Netflix still has it, but have you watched Goodnight, Mr. Tom? I am sure you would like it. Do you have Hulu, too?

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