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The "Hacker" series by: Meredith Wild

HEY there! not sure how I found these books but I was searching for a great read to read on my kindle thanks 2 "Amazon". The author "Meredith Wild" is who I found, now come on that a pen name or is she really that super lucky to have such a cool unique name? I bought the 1st, two books by themselves & then the last 3 all in one fell-swoop. Why drag it out into 5 books? I said the same thing about the "After" series? I know what you are thinking, for us silly book readers, it would be all the MONEY she is racking up on? But seriously, I wonder why this needed to be a 5 book series? 
I don't have the most huge vocabulary. I try to wean myself off words like: "like", "whatever" & lately it has been "i'm so over this?". I love the kindle for that very reason, I love that when I don't know a word I can just go to the word & look it up right there on the kindle. SO PERFECT!!! Here are 3 words that sud…