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Showing posts from May 19, 2015

Kindle & Suchness

I got my Kindle as a gift from my brother & parents back when I turned 33 yrs old. Wow, that was 4 yrs ago. Man time flies. I love books. I love reading. I love holding a book in my hand. The smell of a book. The flip of the page. That a magical world lives within those pages can make you mind wander & make you dream even bigger. pure escape. a chance to see a world you may never get to see in person through their thoughts & words. love it!!! I can not imagine being able not to read. I think over my schooling years & the books I have been ever so blessed to read I loved & feel honored to have had the chance to see them. Although at the time they were a pain in the rump, poetry was never really my thing, I always seem to get something else totally different out of them than every one else??! But to each his own, right?

The day I got my Kindle ("Amazon"), I got it in the mail & was totally shocked - who could have sent me a Kindle? My parents were trav…