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Debbie Macomber book review or 2 . . .

(this is so weird, I have never had this happen - was wanting to share these books, but google said this post was posted on my blog on 5/5/2015, but it showed up on my list as a "Draft" - I also have a comment on there already, weird??! any who. i loved these Debbie Macomber books, check them out.)

"Denim & Diamonds", 1989 (pics are from my "pinterest book page") by Debbie Macomber thanks to my Mom, she was perusing her local library shelves & found this book for me to read. By the time I got to the end ...don't want to reveal to much, here is my twist on the book, Letty decides to come back to live with her brother Lonny in a little town Wyoming after a no-go singing career doesn't work out. in toe is her child Cricket. Letty a now single mother totally has the hots for Chase, a lifetime flame of hers. (who is Lonny's best friend). What will happen? read this book to find out.

 "The Wyoming Kid", 2006. So the Letty/Chase re…