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My Reads in 2015

Year Round Up. What does that mean? Well, I want share some awesome authors I have found this year. There are links to my blog posts. A video below to give even more info. If you want to really know why I loved any of these books, with a chance of revealing way too many details ...I would love to do that? These authors are in no particular order. Just men 1st & then ladies at the end. I figure ladies always go 1st.

Robert Dugoni - "Tracy Crosswhite Series", "In the Clearing" (The Tracy Crosswhite Series) will be coming out May 17th, 2016 ...I have already preordered it & I am super excited. OH YEAH!

John Green - "Paper Towns" & "An Abundance of Katherines" (read "The Fault in Our Stars" last year i think it was.)

Julie Murphy - "Dumplin" -- If Julie doesn't win a few book awards for this awesome book, I will be shocked. Got it in my 1st " Sept 2015 OwlCrate".

Susan M. Boyer - "A Liz Talbot Mystery Series", finished "Lowcountry Bordello" (A Liz Talbot Mystery Book 4) and I LOVE IT!! I will love it when Susan (go follow her on "twitter" 2 find out more info when her new books come out & such, I do, she's just the friendliest twitter friend ever.) comes out with another, but I know she needs to breathe 1st, just sayin'. 

Terri L. Austin - "Rose Strickland Mystery Series", "

L.A. Fiore - "Beautifully Damaged Series", I found another series by her that I have fallen in love with now. It doesn't take long for Beth to find books to read, she loves it! "Waiting for the One".

Priscilla West - (as you can see I have yet to review this book on my blog, there's not enough tiime to get all the reviews I want, on this blog.) I am calling this series the "Surrender Series". Check out Priscilla if you like the name "Vincent", surfing or you might fancy reading about a work environment love story.

Anna Todd - "The After Series", have you checked out her recent book released on December 8th, "Before (The After Series)"  

Debbie Macomber - "A Turn In The Road", my "4 in 1"  post, "The Reluctant Groom" & "Silver Linings" and "Last One Home" (these last 2 I read recently & have yet to put a post about them on my blog. They were fast reads & too cute. I love Debbie Macomber's writing style. She's a happy ending kind of gal. When our world is unsure & rocky at times she's an always finding a silver lining. A play on her book title there for sure but it is so so true.

Here are a few hauls from Lush & the Body Shop which I did share over this year, enjoy!! ( :

If you love to read, what do you enjoy reading? mysteries? history? love story do you find the time to read? How do you make the time to read? Do you read in bed? Do you stay up late reading? Do you wake up early to read? Do you have a "to be read" list? Please go read. Beth ( :


Blogoratti said…
Wonderful list and many thanks for sharing that. Greetings!
William Kendall said…
You really do read a lot!

I tend to find my best time for reading for myself is in the evenings, for a couple of hours or so before bed.

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