The Reluctant Groom by: Debbie Macomber

Amazon says: "All Things Considered 

Judd Matthiessen was married, and it didn't work out. He left his wife, Lanni, and their daughter, which seemed to prove what his father had always said—he was no good. But now the old man's illness brings Judd back to the family ranch. Despite all his bitterness, all his anger, Judd asks Lanni to join him. When she does, he finds that he still has strong feelings for her, and he has to wonder: Is there "

My Mom got this from the library for me to read. I love "Debbie Macomber" 's books. I love her style of writing. ... it is happy, good lucky ... when you read her books ...You know that there will always be a happy ending. & there will always be some one falling in love, thinking they might get a divorce but somehow with the fates of the world they fall back in love, or they move to Montana, does Debbie Macomber have a fascination with Montana like I do? or what??! With the world as it is ...we need a place to go and just get away & feel we can live in a dream world & everything is a-okay. This is a book with 2 stories in one: "All Things Considered" & "Almost Paradise". When I hear "Almost Paradise" I think of "Footloose". Do you know the song? 

"All Things Considered" the married couple Judd & Lanni (will they get a divorce or will there love work through the test of time??!) head to see Judd's father Stuart in Montana who is ill or is he pulling their legs just to get them to the family ranch to fix their marriage? Jade (Lanni's sister) & Jenny (Judd & Lanni's daughter) keep up the tricks & fun between the couple as well. Life is never a dull moment in this book. Lanni always has to be on her toes because she never knows what she might have to deal with. A dead in husband or a knight in shinning armor, Judd or Steve who will Lanni pick in the end? 

"Almost Paradise" Jeff & Sherry are camp counselors. Sherry is new to the job? Jeff catches her eye. He's tall, thin & a real hunk. The kids are keeping Sherry running, will she allow them to get away with murder (goofing off, picking on each other, etc.) or keep them under wraps? You know how kids are? Jeff doesn't really like the way Sherry runs her activities, disciplines the kids, & who is this "Longfellow" ghost all the kids keep talking about? Are you a Debbie Macomber fan? Beth ( : 


William Kendall said…
At some point I've heard of the author, but never read any of her work.

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