Beautifully Damaged by: L.A. Fiore

"Amazon" says: "Ember Walsh is a trusting soul with the quiet beauty of her late mother, who perished in a mysterious car crash when Ember was three. A little tomboyish from being raised by her father, Ember packs a punch when a stranger gets pushy with her in a bar, catching the steely blue eyes of a tall, gorgeous tattooed man—Trace Montgomery. Still damaged from her last disastrous relationship and warned off the bad boy by friends, Ember fights the smoldering heat that Trace sparks in her when he begins shadowing her like a dark angel."

I found this book from Amazon for reading on my kindle was an Amazon suggestion & a $1.99 October book deal with an email coupon they sent me, so I grabbed it up & was thoroughly happy that it was such a great read.

Here's one of my favorite lines from the book: Ember Walsh was describing "Lucien" who is one of Trace's fighting buddies... "...He was thick in the chest, narrow in the hips, and had a smile that would make a nun pant,...". I love a good descriptive line, to me it was makes a good book. Where you can sit reading & feel you can see the person in your own mind. I developed a thought of where this book would head & boy was I wrong... it went a totally different way. Are you an avid reader?

Here's what is being read on my kindle. The next in the series. "Beautifully Forgotten" (Beautifully Damaged series). I'll keep ya posted on that one. I'm so happy to have found L.A. Fiore books, she had such a great style of writing. There's always a "TBR" (to be read list) going on with me, what about you? Beth ( :


William Kendall said…
This is the first I've heard of this one. At the moment I'm reading Erik Larson's book on the sinking of the Lusitania.

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