The "Hacker" series by: Meredith Wild


HEY there! not sure how I found these books but I was searching for a great read to read on my kindle thanks 2 "Amazon". The author "Meredith Wild" is who I found, now come on that a pen name or is she really that super lucky to have such a cool unique name? I bought the 1st, two books by themselves & then the last 3 all in one fell-swoop. Why drag it out into 5 books? I said the same thing about the "After" series? I know what you are thinking, for us silly book readers, it would be all the MONEY she is racking up on? But seriously, I wonder why this needed to be a 5 book series? 

I don't have the most huge vocabulary. I try to wean myself off words like: "like", "whatever" & lately it has been "i'm so over this?". I love the kindle for that very reason, I love that when I don't know a word I can just go to the word & look it up right there on the kindle. SO PERFECT!!! Here are 3 words that suddenly are every where in my book world... (the hubby says it is due to the author using their thesaurus to find a uncommon word to make their writing more fancy?)
1. niggling
2. quell
3. grappled

Some of these thoughts below are from ?'s at the end of Meredith Wild's books. (I have noticed recently a lot of books I read include discussion questions, is that something new or?)

1. I do find that ever since I read "Fifty Shades of Grey, Darker, Freed" & "Grey" (Christian side of the story) by: "E. L. James"... I look at other books that are suppose to be similar or in the same book genre ...that I do go back & see how they are so very similar ...where the couple goes in their relationship, how they treat each other, pet names, family histories, writing styles, & all that jazz. But I do feel that writing, music all things in life ...we do have many similarities so it is near impossible to be totally different in all areas, right?

2. I say some author out there needs to write a book series about a WOMEN billionaire who is crazy wild like all these men... "Christian Grey" ("E.L. James"), "Hardin Scott" ("Anna Todd"), & "Blake Landon" ("Meredith Wild"). Now if I was a writer I would get started on that asap!! Gears are turning within my head. wink. wink. ( :

3. I enjoy getting both sides of the story so book #5 was nice to see Blake's perspective. I think that when you give the male perspective of that whole story you get a whole different view. It is not so one sided. So feel that when E. L. James give us Christian's thoughts, I really felt totally different about him. He became so more likable, not so cocky, gives an in-depth view to his backstory, he's childhood. Same thing in these books, you get to see how Blake is within his own head. He's past, etc. I really think that Blake is a major (not sure what word, to put here,) but I thought Christian was cocky, Blake is 10 times cocky-ier. Is that possible? If his head got any bigger, no clue what might happen??!!!

4. In all honesty I am kind of bummed out how the whole series ended ...thought it would go out with a BANG. Something really traumatic would occur or a death, some kind of crazy action?!!! I kind of wish I had saved my money, but please don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the books & I know I will read them again one day. I enjoyed the read. I loved Meredith Wild's writing style.

5. Would some one please get Erica some gosh darn chapstick, she always seems to have such dry lips. What always works for me, is Burts Bees, love that stuff.

6. Why doesn't Erica just go ahead & have a fling with James? He was one of my most favorite characters. (wink. wink) So glad they stay close friends throughout the 5 books though, so I guess it ended up ok???

What have you been reading recently? Beth ( ;


William Kendall said…
This series is a new one to me.

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