Outer Banks Baker Mystery Series by: Phoebe T. Eggli


"Amazon" says: "Attempting to rebuild her life after the tragic death of her beloved husband, middle-aged widow Melissa Maples moved back to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Part of her starting over meant opening her own bakery – Kill Devil Delicacies - that specialized in artisan breads. Already successful after a few short years, she looked forward to a number of things namely: her nephew, Logan, visiting for the summer and competing in the Outer Banks Regional Bake-Off for the chance to appear on a nationally televised cooking show. ..."

My Thoughts: I bought these books on my kindle. LOVE THEM!! such great reads. I will say that I am still finishing up #3, just a bit left, but I had to tell you guys about these books. They are set in Outer Banks of North Carolina, which is where I spent a lot of childhood at the beach there with our extended family. I love the area. The views, the people, the beach walking, sunset, sunrise, what is not to love about the beach?

I love a good mystery & these are super cute & very detailed & do use a lot of the same characters throughout each book, which I am such a fan of ...keeping similar characters. You do start to feel apart of the family & that you will understand where the mysteries will be headed each time. Melissa Maples the bread baker, Logan her nephew & many other characters get hooked up into these detailed mysteries ...at times they are funny, super silly, & so mysterious A "whodunit" kind of book series. To see where each story will head. They were recommended to me from Amazon & I am so glad I did take Amazon up on the idea. Do you listen to book recommendations when shopping book websites? Beth ( :


William Kendall said…
This is the first I've heard of the series, though I do check similar recommendations when I'm surfing such sites.

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