A Handful of Trouble by: Cathie Linz

"A Handful of Trouble" by: Cathie Linz

"Amazon" says: "Josh Phillips was everything Pam Warner thought she never wanted. A self-appointed knight in shining armor, he was constantly rescuing her, pulling her out of scrapes that were nobody's business but her own. Bermuda wasn't big enough for both of them! Pam was allergic to domineering men like Josh, and even more disturbed by the current that sizzled between them. How had this brash stranger turned her fight for freedom into a battlefield of love?"

My 1st ever Cathie Linz book & I am hooked on her writing style. Thanks to my Mom's picking it from the library. Did I mention that this book is from 1989? WHAT?? I was alive then so that is not that old. ha. ha!! I really love books that make me laugh. Comedy is a must in my life!!! I do tend to put a comedic spin on all things to make them funny, even if they are not meant to be funny from the beginning, it works for me. Pam Warner goes in search for her boss & runs into Josh Phillips who agree to help her find the missing boss but there has to be more. That is how it always is, there is always more to the story... Wild times in beach paradise Bermuda. A quick read. Please do go enjoy!!! Beth ( :


William Kendall said…
My mother used to read a lot of these.

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