Susan M. Boyer

I was looking for recommendations of a few great books I went to my friends "Susan Shay". Quick story ...I won the book above "Blind Sight" through Susan Shay's giveaway & I have been super blessed to have her as a friend ever since. If you want a great mystery, quick read, love story, on the edge of your seat kind of book, for sure check it out. ( :

She did recommend "Susan M. Boyer". Now is it because they are both Susans?? I don't know. But both of these authors (authorettes, there needs to be a word for female authors??!) rock in my humble opinion. So I jumped over to Amazon (I have a kindle.) "Susan M. Boyer" has a mystery series out ...

I finished #3 ...& I am super excited to see #4. I can't wait. They are so mysterious. You will fall in love with each character. I have always had a fondness for Charleston, maybe because the hubby has family there. I love South Carolina, just a gorgeous area. I love when an authors tricks ya ...makes you think you know what is going to happy in the story & BAM ...the story ends a totally different way. & Thank the heavens above "Liz Talbot" has an guardian angel "Coleen Stevens" or she would land herself in even more trouble. If you want to know more about "Susan M. Boyer" please check out her "website" here. Have you read any great books lately? Beth ( :


eileeninmd said…
Beth, congrats on your win! And thanks for the review on the Susan Boyer books. Have a happy day!
Susan M. Boyer said…
Hi Beth! Thank you so much for reading! I'm so happy Susan introduced you to the books and you enjoyed Liz's adventures! I plan for her to have many more. :) Thank you for this lovely review!
William Kendall said…
I think this is the first I've heard of her.

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