Veronica Mars

I've probably talked about this tv show "Veronica Mars" (2004 - 2007) before, because it just that great!! so good, hilarious & come on now how many high school girls do you know of that would be a detective and do well in school??! none that I know of??!

I watch it on Amazon Prime. I bought the 3 seasons, probably 2 or 3 years ago. & when I am thinking of something to watch, but just can not find that special something in what is free with my Prime Membership. I will watch this tv show over and over. Kind of like the show the "Gilmore Girls" (2000 - 2007), these shows are so so funny, they have zingers throughout the whole show, they are just something to enjoy when you are playing on the computer or whatnot.

what "IMDb" sayings "After her best friend is murdered and her father is removed as county sheriff, Veronica Mars dedicates her life to cracking the toughest mysteries in the affluent town of Neptune."

what are zingers, you may ask? well to me they are: sayings that really catch you off guard. make you laugh. if you watch Downton Abbey you know what I mean it is that actor/actress who get all the great lines. do you really just stay that? seriously??!? they make the show in my book. ( :

I also found a lot of great music thanks to this show. Have you heard the tv show theme song before? You will love it. promise. "We Used to be Friends" by: The Dandy Warhols

To finish out the series there was a "Veronica Mars" (2014) movie. If you did watch the show & movie what are you thoughts? Did you like the way it ended or what do you think should have happened? Beth ( :


William Kendall said…
I never got around to watching it when it was on the air. I know they did a movie not too long ago.

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