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Debbie Macomber book review or 2 . . .

(this is so weird, I have never had this happen - was wanting to share these books, but google said this post was posted on my blog on 5/5/2015, but it showed up on my list as a "Draft" - I also have a comment on there already, weird??! any who. i loved these Debbie Macomber books, check them out.)

#book #DenimandDiamonds #DebbieMacomber  does any 1 know if Joy & Lonny ever do get together? #readinaday #greatbook

"Denim & Diamonds", 1989 (pics are from my "pinterest book page") by Debbie Macomber thanks to my Mom, she was perusing her local library shelves & found this book for me to read. By the time I got to the end ...don't want to reveal to much, here is my twist on the book, Letty decides to come back to live with her brother Lonny in a little town Wyoming after a no-go singing career doesn't work out. in toe is her child Cricket. Letty a now single mother totally has the hots for Chase, a lifetime flame of hers. (who is Lonny's best friend). What will happen? read this book to find out.

#DebbieMacomber #book  2nd n the series - wondering if there is a 3rd?  a Wyoming wedding?!!!  "The Wyoming Kid"

 "The Wyoming Kid", 2006. So the Letty/Chase relationship is figured out in "Denim & Diamonds ...but ends with a what will happen with Joy & Lonny? That is where this book begins. You find out what happens between Joy/Lonny ... but then you wonder what is next? (guess I'll never know. sad face. My Mom told me to make up my own idea of how it should end. I guess I can do that. ha. ha!!!)

#book #library #reading  #debbiemacomber #Montana #cowboys  "The Cowboy's Lady" by Debbie Macomber

Just finished up "The Cowboy's Lady", loved it. Another book placed in Montana, knew I would be hooked. Taylor Manning comes to Cougar Point to take up a teaching job, to get away from her problems. She thinks I will take this teaching job for a year & then get back to my real life. Why not - time in Montana does every one some good??! (I would have to agree.) Some one finds a real cutie pootie to fight with (pick on, have a crush on, etc.) all the time Russ Palmer (Mr. Rancher himself). If you are one who loves Montana, ranching, cowboys & a fun ride, check this one out!!

"Starting Now" A Blossom Street Novel by: Debbie Macomber - loved it!!

"Starting Now", 2013.

My take on the book ...busy lawyer Libby Morgan thinks she will be getting a partnership at her law-firm but they end up laying her off... suddenly her life is full of extra time. She has time for exercising at the gym, knitting at the local knitting shop, to volunteer at the hospital rocking newborn preemies (where the hats go from her knitting adventures & how she found out there is a spot to volunteer at the hospital.) & possibly a new love interest?  

If you are looking for a easy go happy book, please check this book out. I loved it!! Now I will admit there have been a few I have just read a bit & then past back to Mom... not all books are for me. Beth ( :


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