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Kindle & Suchness

I got my Kindle as a gift from my brother & parents back when I turned 33 yrs old. Wow, that was 4 yrs ago. Man time flies. I love books. I love reading. I love holding a book in my hand. The smell of a book. The flip of the page. That a magical world lives within those pages can make you mind wander & make you dream even bigger. pure escape. a chance to see a world you may never get to see in person through their thoughts & words. love it!!! I can not imagine being able not to read. I think over my schooling years & the books I have been ever so blessed to read I loved & feel honored to have had the chance to see them. Although at the time they were a pain in the rump, poetry was never really my thing, I always seem to get something else totally different out of them than every one else??! But to each his own, right?

The day I got my Kindle ("Amazon"), I got it in the mail & was totally shocked - who could have sent me a Kindle? My parents were trav…

Veronica Mars

I've probably talked about this tv show "Veronica Mars" (2004 - 2007) before, because it just that great!! so good, hilarious & come on now how many high school girls do you know of that would be a detective and do well in school??! none that I know of??!

I watch it on Amazon Prime. I bought the 3 seasons, probably 2 or 3 years ago. & when I am thinking of something to watch, but just can not find that special something in what is free with my Prime Membership. I will watch this tv show over and over. Kind of like the show the "Gilmore Girls" (2000 - 2007), these shows are so so funny, they have zingers throughout the whole show, they are just something to enjoy when you are playing on the computer or whatnot.

what "IMDb" sayings "After her best friend is murdered and her father is removed as county sheriff, Veronica Mars dedicates her life to cracking the toughest mysteries in the affluent town of Neptune."

what are zingers, you m…

Debbie Macomber book review or 2 . . .

(this is so weird, I have never had this happen - was wanting to share these books, but google said this post was posted on my blog on 5/5/2015, but it showed up on my list as a "Draft" - I also have a comment on there already, weird??! any who. i loved these Debbie Macomber books, check them out.)

"Denim & Diamonds", 1989 (pics are from my "pinterest book page") by Debbie Macomber thanks to my Mom, she was perusing her local library shelves & found this book for me to read. By the time I got to the end ...don't want to reveal to much, here is my twist on the book, Letty decides to come back to live with her brother Lonny in a little town Wyoming after a no-go singing career doesn't work out. in toe is her child Cricket. Letty a now single mother totally has the hots for Chase, a lifetime flame of hers. (who is Lonny's best friend). What will happen? read this book to find out.

 "The Wyoming Kid", 2006. So the Letty/Chase re…