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Nightingale by: Giulia Lagomarsino

Nightingale by: Giulia Lagomarsino (Reed Security, #24) Publication date: June 15th 2020 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance hosted by: Xpresso Tours
Florrie I don’t do well with emotions and yucky love stuff. I do the best I can, but at the end of the day, I’m better at showing someone I love them by fighting for them. That’s the way I’ve always been and how I’ll always be. And I have one helluva fight ahead of me. I’ll do anything for the people I love, but what I didn’t expect was to be fighting the one person I thought would always be on my side. I don’t know if I can ever forgive him for this or if we can ever move forward. Some betrayals are just unforgivable. 
Alec Life is going great. I have the woman I love by my side and a kid that is quickly becoming a huge part of my life. What can go wrong? Then it happens. One phone call changes my world in such a profound way that I’m not sure anything will ever be the same again. I risk losing it all with my decisions, but I have to stand up …
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Don't Break This Kiss

Don’t Break This Kiss is coming July 7, 2020!
Cover Designer: LJ Graphics Goodreads:

Kiss and tell?
They say a lady shouldn't, but we'll bet you're dying to know who's between our covers.  Top Shelf Romance brings you 4 irresistible book boyfriends in just one book.

Don't Break this Kiss is a collection of four best selling novels including:
Explicitly Yours by Jessica Hawkins
Before You by Marni Mann
Lies by Kylie Scott
Wrapped in Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan

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Elephant by: Natalie Rodriguez

Elephant Natalie Rodriguez Publication date: May 29th 2020 Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult hosted by: Xpresso Tours
Summer of 2006. Four childhood best friends. A family secret.  After a strange encounter leaves him hospitalized, a timid teenage boy named Matt “Matty” Smith comes home to a continuous series of events met with anxiety, depression, and PTSD.  Under the guardianship of his grandma, Lucia, Matt lives with unspoken questions about his grandfather and parents. The elephant in the room. As Matt develops over the summer, the secrets only grow more profound and complex. Will the answers ever come? While searching for answers, Matt and his three childhood best friends encounter the meanings of love, forgiveness, and fate. 
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Limitless by: M.A. Lee

Limitless by: M.A. Lee K. Bromberg’s Driven World Cover Design: KP Designs
Ryder isn't the type of guy who is used to being told no.  With wealth, a body like a Greek god, and a panty-melting smile-- Ryder seemed to have it all.  Scarlett isn't like most girls. She sees right through Ryder's charm and isn't impressed by his money and status.  At least, she pretends not to be.  After a chance encounter at The House, where Scarlett is a counselor, she brushes off Ryder and his smile. She knows the dangers of making bad decisions. Ryder becomes intrigued and obsessed with the only girl not interested in him. As he donates his time and money at The House, helping out the boys, he refuses to back down and will stop at nothing until he makes her his.  As sparks fly on and off the racetrack, Scarlett finds herself drawn to the bad boy. Will she give in to her desires or will they both get burned?
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Taken by: M.A. Lee

Taken by: M.A. Lee K. Bromberg's Everyday Heroes Worlds Genre: Contemporary Romance Cover Design: KP Designs
College student, Ally Reign moved to Sunnyville alone.  With no parents, money, or friends, she's starting life over again-- alone.  Only, someone else has a different plan for Ally.  Detective Todd Lane has been working for the Sunnyville Drug Task Force in an undercover operation to take down a deadly drug gang. This trust fund, millionaire left his family to work for the police department. As his family turned their backs on him, he found himself married to his career.  When an unexpected meeting puts these two in harm's way, Detective Lane will stop at nothing to keep Ally safe. Will Ally be able to trust Detective Lane? Or, will she end up alone forever?
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Forty Day Fiance by: Erin McCarthy

Forty Day Fiance by: Erin McCarthy Release Date: June 1, 2020 Genre: Romantic Comedy hosted by: Social Butterfly PR Goodreads:
Admittedly, my first plan was a little crazy. I had forty days to execute it. Find a fake fiancĂ©, move in with him, and convince the powers-that-be that we’re madly in love. Surely this British girl can sweet-talk a few American officials.
Step One:  the sexy, wealthy doctor I’ve been chatting up agrees to my plan--with a demand of his own. A baby. An actual ring. A for-real marriage and family. Turns out, there’s someone more bonkers than me.
So Step Two:  I now have forty days to convince my fake fiancĂ© that we can’t be real. Because there’s no such thing as love at first sight--right?
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Taking Her Chase by: Danielle Pays

Title: Taking Her Chase  Author: Danielle Pays  Genre: Contemporary Romance  Release Date: June 9, 2020 hosted by: Insklinger PR Goodreads: Amazon:
He's in love with his best friend.  She's dating his number one suspect.  What could go wrong? 
Harmony Brose can't stop fantasizing about her best friend. After a few drinks, she took a risk. She asked Chase to kiss her. It was the best kiss of her life. Until he jumped up and left, breaking her heart. Officer Chase Harvey had thought about kissing Harmony for years but never crossed that line until that night. Fearing Harmony was drunk, he had to cut it off until he was sure she truly wanted him. Apparently she didn't, because Harmony just started dating the new man in town. 
Chase doesn't have time to waste on regrets. A woman vanished from their small town and he'll do whatever is nec…