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Relatively Happy by: Whitney Dineen

Relatively Happy  Whitney Dineen  (Relativity Series, #3) Publication date: September 18th 2019 Genres: Adult, Comedy, Romance hosted by: Xpresso Tours Goodreads: Amazon:
Sarah Hastings’ life is chaotic. Between running her organic farm, her yurt-style holistic B&B, and her vegan cafĂ© Eat Me!, she barely has time for an aura cleanse. What’s more, her spirit guide just announced the universe is sending her a man.
Suddenly, a sexy pro-football player, a hipster photojournalist, and fellow organic farmer practically fall from the sky onto her doorstep. But which one is her cosmic soulmate?
While Sarah meditates on the answer, her parents show up unexpectedly throwing the mother of all monkey wrenches into her carefully laid plans.
With only morning yoga and her erotic book club to keep her sane, no wonder she’s chucked her vegan diet in search of bacon. Will the stars of love a…
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The Forever Trilogy by: Dylan Allen

Forever felt impossible. Heartbreak was inevitable.  Always would cost us everything.
The Forever Trilogy, an all new emotional and epic second-chance  love story from Dylan Allen, is coming Oct 6th! 
Between Now and Forever, Book 1 Releasing October 6th GoodReads:⁣⁣
He was searching for the truth. I was living a lie. Our paths should never have crossed. Yet, when we kissed it felt like destiny. Falling in love was messy We broke rules we should have followed. We made promises we couldn’t keep. Forever felt impossible. Heartbreak was inevitable. Always would cost us everything.

Between Now and Heartbreak, Book 2 Releasing November 3rd GoodReads:⁣⁣

Between Now and Always, Book 3 Releasing: November 17th GoodReads:⁣⁣
Connect with Dylan: Facebook: Instagram: GoodReads: Pinterest: Twitter: Book+Main:…

Can't Block My Love by: Xavier Neal

Can't Block My Love, an all-new sports romance by  Xavier Neal is coming October 24nd! Goodreads:
Once upon a time, the Vlasta Vipers hockey team was so incredible — on and off the ice — they were almost mythical. Every other university wanted their team to be them. Every chick who crossed their paths wanted to bang them. Now? Their clout on the ice is questionable. Their competition cutthroat. Their beds... Well, there will always be puck bunnies ready to keep them warm. After all, no matter how well they do or don't do, they are the university's most important athletes. However, when Remington Ronald Rutledge the 3rd, lands himself on the new head coach's bad side, which threatens his chances of playing for the season, he finds himself striking an unusual deal with a blast from his past he can barely remember. Did she always wear these glasses? Was her hair always this curly? Has she always had a smile that makes him wanna smile? What happens …

Chasing Fireflies by: Claudia Y. Burgoa

Chasing Fireflies  Claudia Y. Burgoa  Publication date: September 9th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance hosted by: Xpresso Tours Goodreads: Amazon (Kindle Unlimited):
The first time I met Oliver Tanner he was five years old. I was four. That day he was entrusted to my keep. He was as large and loud as a church mouse. That day I taught him how fireflies were magic with the persistence of a person. That’s what I loved about them. No matter how far they strayed, they remembered where they came from and who their family was. After high school, he joined the army and left Knox Ridge. Years later, the town had changed. My dreams were shattered. We had nothing left. I had forgotten all about the magic of the fireflies. Until he came back to town. Everything about him was comforting. He brought some light to my darkness, But I knew the light could only last for so long. Firefli…

Good Grief by: Vera Elle Unita

Good Grief  Vera Elle Unita  Publication date: September 15th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance hosted by: Xpresso Tours Goodreads:
Only 99¢ for a limited time! Amazon (Kindle Unlimited):
He wanted nothing more than to forget his past.  Until she came along, bringing color back into his world. Now he’ll do everything to make her his.  Jasmine Frost had imagined the first day at her new job quite differently. How on earth could she have known the arrogant billionaire Cole Ward would insist on her leading the renovations of his mansion? To oversee the project, Jasmine moves in with Cole. Turns out, the mansion needs more than a little makeover, and she is stuck with that growly bear of a man for weeks. He doesn’t even like her French bulldog—who the hell doesn’t like puppies? Still, they can’t withstand the strong attraction between them. The dark look in his eyes is intriguing …

Beyond the Pale by: Jennifer Millikin

Beyond the Pale by Jennifer Millikin  Releasing October 15 Genre: Contemporary Romance, Standalone hosted by: Inkslinger PR Goodreads:
My whole life I’ve known Finn Jeffries and Brady Sterling would be my undoing. The three of us were inseparable, but growing up with two boys as your best friends comes with it’s own certain type of growing pains. As a child, Finn was wild and free, and grew up to be a devilishly handsome man with a smirk that frustrated me as much as it did other things to me. Brady was brave and loyal, and the kind of man he grew into didn't surprise me a bit: devoted and gallant, with a handsome, trustworthy face that made my heart beat faster. We went our separate ways for college, but now it’s eight years later and a pact we made back then has brought us back to our hometown. Back to the complicated situation we ran from. Back to the love triangle we never really escaped. I love them both, and it’s time for me to make a choice. I’ve alwa…

Dreams of 18 by: Saffron A. Kent

Title: Dreams of 18 Author: Saffron A. Kent Genre: Contemporary Romance Cover Design: Najla Qamber Model: Justin Clynes Release Date: October 10, 2019 hosted by: Give Me Books Goodreads:
Violet Moore is in love with a man who hates her.  Well, to be fair, she kinda deserves it. On her eighteenth birthday, she got drunk and threw herself at him, causing the biggest scandal of their sleepy suburban town. Now, everyone thinks she’s a slut and he has disappeared. Rumor has it that he’s been living up in the mountains of Colorado, all alone and in isolation.  But Violet is going to make it right.  She’s going to find him and bring him back.  No matter how cruel and mean he is. Or how much he hurts her with his cold-hearted and abrasive ways, she won’t give up.  And neither will she think about his tempting lips or his sculpted muscles or his strong hands. The hands that she wants on her body, touching her, feeling her skin… The han…